The rough business with the solar power requirement

The Run on flat to the construction of photovoltaic systems has begun in Spain to secure rich subsidies

The Spanish government wants to resume subsidies for photovoltaic systems with a law, because the consumers in the persistent boom were otherwise expensive to stand. Investing in photovoltaic systems is recommended for good investors, which are why investors from the crisis-screeched real estate market in the Okostrom are recommended for the high and previously over more than 25 years, which is why investors. The 400 megawatt of power targeted with the energy plan by 2010 are therefore achieved this year, which is why the subsidized amount of electricity is now even raised to 1200 MW. But where it is about a lot of money, it is not always environmentally engaged in the environmental contract and it blades into dangerous speculation bubbles.

"It is very profitable to invest in the photovoltaic energy in Spain", it is on a website. The many tax advantages were not lost to the eyes that make such a freestanding solar park with themselves. "It is hardly necessary to invest your own money, because 75 – 80 percent are financed by banks, because of the high revenue and profits."

The rough business with the solar power requirement

Solar system in Campos del Rio

With such paradisiacal formulas, investors are advertised for solar systems. In fact, a guaranteed return can be seen for the capital employed by 14 percent. This has envisioned that solar systems for electricity production in Spain has no longer be touted in recent years only by environmental protection organizations, but above all by financial experts. Although the country is rewarded by a high sunlight, but the guaranteed profits are created via grants, tax relief and good financing possibilities. This is 12.000 investors have been killed, average monthly 300 new ones were added monthly. But those are mad at the socialist government. Because the industrial ministry has submitted a draft bill to the National Energy Commission (CNE) to reduce the subsidy spooky, which could reach the taxpayers expensive.

In the development plan for renewable energies (per), the specified specification of 400 MW was set as a timely criticized, which should be fed by 2010 from photovoltaic systems. Yes, the regulatory workforce (CNE) set, this goal was tolerated in September to 85%. It is expected that the brand will be achieved until the end of the year. If the production continues to increase in the current rhythm, in 2010 instead of 400 MW even 2000 MW electricity from solar parks were added. The cost of electricity customers were summed up to a billion euros for the same claim. With this sum, the wind energy is also required in Spain, but that generates 13.000 MW electricity.

Therefore, the ministry wants to restrict the claim to the Arger of Investors. The investors could actually be glad, finally the design sees the required amount of electricity even on 1.200 MW to increase, which should now be demanded by 2010. In order for location she even still 200 mW of the crowd once the environmental organization Greenpeace had demanded by the Socialists (PSOE) as a target mark.

After the template, the current data conditions are to be maintained even a year later, according to which the powered electricity is subsidized with 44 cents per kilowatt hour (kW / h). This means that even much more than 400 MW enjoy the pleasant demands. Spain thus subsidizes the solar power even more strongly than the renewable energy law in the Sonnenarmen Germany, where there is currently still nearly 38 cents minimum duration for such solar power.

The new design now looks like the guaranteed electricity price from the 1. To reduce October 2008, in the conversation are currently 31 cents per kW / h. It is also intended to guarantee this requirement only for 25 years, in Germany it is only 20 years. In addition, a degressive regulation according to the German model should be introduced, the guaranteed price was then reduced by about funf percent. For installations on roofs or houses, the previous Demand should persist.

The rough business with the solar power requirement

In Benixama, City Solar’s allegedly large photovoltaic park in the world with 100.000 solar modules on a flat of 500.000 square meters built

Thus, on the one hand, the use of already installed flat HEALSM, on the other side should be taken to the account that is always used for solar parks the most efficient technology. Meanwhile, the ministry, the cost of thermal solar power plants had significantly reduced, which are produced with cheaper and efficient electricity. You are currently required only with 26 cents per kW / h. Overall, more than 1.8 billion euros in subsidies is already expedient for all solar systems, the Industrial Minister Joan Clos expected.

Speculation bubble in the construction of solar parks

Clos rejects the premieges of solar system operators who speak of a rough legal uncertainty. So love the Association of the Photovoltaic Industry (ASIF) the negotiations with the Ministry of the Neeuftkeit of the grants burst. In an opinion it is called: "If the banks and savings banks are already refusing to finance the projects because of the rough uncertainty, the acceptance and application of the new standard can develop a complete brake for the Spanish market."

That is quite mischief. With such horror scenarios is trying to secure a lot of challenge possible. For years, the photovoltaic systems have always been cheaper, which is why the return was continued to rise, the subsidies were preserved in the previous circumference. Because of the rough demand, the fallen prices are not yet passed on to the customers. Studies even ame that the solar power can now be produced for 15 cents per kW / h and the costs in Spain can only be 10 cents in Spain in 2010. Solar power could then be competitive, in view of the static rising olpreis,

Because of such highly renewable conditions, it is not surprising when the sector indicates countless applications for the approval of solar parks in Spain, whose entire performance in a magnitude of 10.000 MW should be. In the current demand, more than five billions of euros, more than five billion euros, which the electricity customers had to pay under the conditions over a period of at least three decades. This was more likely to act as a brake when importing more efficiently, which is expected in the future and must also be demanded.

Where there is a lot to earn, it is also heavily speculated, and so a speculative bubble has been inflated to the construction of solar parks, as well as the solar system operators admit from one "overheating" speak of the sector. Because also from the facing real estate bubble investors have saved themselves into the solar bubble. The result is that the prices for suitable flat enormously. If the Ministry of Agriculture is a prize for agricultural flats, which is at 3000 euros per hectare, this can, depending on the nature, can rise to the double high, but is still far from the 12.000 to 15.000 Euro per hectare, with which Solar Parkflies are currently being traded.

The trend will now be overcome since the operators try to get their systems as soon as possible as possible, as delays imply with the claim. Now real estate companies see their speculative gains in danger that lender stores for a solar project and received licenses for a concrete project to have a concrete project. For the leaving of the gel and the license, high sums are required.

Dangers for agriculture and the environment

Farmers’ associations flourished that high land prices have a negative impact on agricultural production. In the long term, the cultivation of foodstuffs could be abandoned in favor of the production of energy. This could be similar consequences, as it is now possible to observe by the amplified use of so-called biosprit.

And when it comes to a lot of money, the environmental protection or the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 sometimes occurs in the background. Thus, for example, inhabitants of the island of Formentera are horrified over the fact that for the construction of a solar park 22 hectares of forest are cleared. About 30 years, the fields were broke there, which is why a vegetation developed again.

Suspected is corruption from residents. It was noticed that the approval was granted for construction for the facility with 1.9 MW of power shortly before the elections in May. At that time, the Right People’s Party (PP) ruled on the Balearic Islands involved in numerous corruption trap in the context of country speculation. This also helped the PP been released there. The regional government is now guided by a coalition that protrudes the Social Democrats (PSOE). An environmental protection organization refers to the approval process as "illegal" and calls for the "immediate construction". On the small island, with a rough of just under 80 square kilometers and 8.000 inhabitants, two more solar parks are planned, which should produce another 3.1 MW of electricity.

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