“The riots in the blockupy protests in hessen had nothing to do with legitimate protests”

The Black-Grune Coalition in Hesse wants to better protect firefighters and rescue favers with a new criminal law paragraph 112 in front of rioters

On Wednesday, the Black-Grune state government in Hesse presented a Federal Council initiative to better protect firefighters, employees of rescue services and policemen before violent autonomous. Such attacks had come during the Blockupy Krawalle in Marz.

Specifically, the draft provides that a new paragraph 112 renowned after the emergency number is introduced into criminal law, in the fans who "tail", While they do their service, be threatened with at least six months. The tader leads "a weapon or a dangerous tool with it", the or which he wants to use at the act, the highest penalty of funf is increasing to ten years.

For FDP and left, this stobs criticism. Telepolis asked Jurgen Frommrich, the domestic politician of the Grunen in the Hessian state parliament.

Mr. Frommrich – The FDP meant yesterday in the state parliament, the tader group to which the new paragraph aims was not looking into the criminal code before she becomes violently. What do you think? Jurgen Frommrich: I have never belonged that someone who commit a theft or a body injury or pronounce an insult, had previously looked into the criminal code. Nevertheless, all know that these behaviors are punishable. People, I think, a consciousness for what is allowed and what is prohibited. With the new regulation, we want to raise this awareness of this awareness that violence against people who help others in need or otherwise assist their fundamental rights, a particular injustice. So we hope for a praventive effect. But we are also aware that the criminal law alone does not allow the growing number of overrides on police officers and officials. That’s why we do not confuse ourselves. We have done a lot in Hesse to demand a climate mutual creation between police and the castles to be protected by her and strong confidence in police work. I only want to update a few: Importance of the labeling obligation for police officers, renewal and improvement of protective equipment, communications and deest scalation training, continuous further education and training and the efforts of intercultural competence in the police. Jurge Frommr. Photo: Grune Landtag Hessen Ulrich Wilken launched by the Left Party that the false accused and could be imprisoned for half a year. The security measures are sufficient in the rule so that it does not happen? Jurgen Frommrich: I have full confidence that the judiciary uses the new regulations. As far as the fact is concerned, the planned regulation is clearly formulated. A "tactical attack" is a violent impact that goes directly to the body. Only those who are so, must expect consequences. Foundations and guidelines then have the dishes to clear as with other offenses also. If the new paragraph 112 comes, the resistance paragraph 113 is actually overflowed, or? He was sometimes abused in the past to sign witnesses. Jurgen Frommrich: It is correct that in § 113 a subsidiarity clause has been included in order to prevent this provision by means of tutorial attacks to prevent enforcement actions § 112. In § 113 is also logically the factuality "tactical attack" have been deleted. But there is still the alternative of the resistance strip. In addition, the circle of the protected is further than in § 112. Consequently, for § 113 still a separate scope remains. What is the grune proportion of the formulation of the regulation? Jurgen Frommrich: We are in a coalition government. Our basis is the coalition agreement. He contains compromises between two different parties with different programmatic content. In this respect, both the agreement on the labeling obligation for police officers and police officers as well as the planned introduction of the "Protective paragraph 112" Result of a compromise between two parties. How do you ame the success prospects of the initiative? The Federal Council agrees for this? And the Bundestag? Jurgen Frommrich: A forecast is currently hardly possible. Some federal standards have called a benevolent exam, others formulated their rejection attitude. Ultimately, the Federal Council decides. The Bundestag will first deal with this matter if the draft has found a majority in the Bundesrat. What you mean: Will it come back to there at the G7 summit in Elmau to puts on still attacks on rescue fees and firefighters? Jurgen Frommrich: The demonstration law is securitized in the Basic Law. Peaceful demonstrations are the salt in the soup of a democracy. It is good that the G7 summit wants many people to point out the worries and grade in many parts of the world; Peaceful demonstrations are exactly the right means to express such a posture. The riots in the blockupy protests in Hessen had nothing to do with legitimate protests. The police tried to counteract that, and was well prepared. There were numerous dialogues and deescalation attempts in advance, a significantly better communication compared to earlier situations, including the social media, and there was the labeling obligation. We hope that the Bavarian security forces for the upcoming protests at the G7 summit in Elmau are at least as intense and carefully prepared for their use, as was the case in Hesse.

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