The normal case

The alleged mistreatment of billions of billions of Bernard Madoff recall that torture and violence in fehrnis are not only in the film, but also in the reality to everyday life

According to information of the Wall Street Journal, the American investment deer Bernard L was. Madoff on 18. December not, how originally reported, laid for hypertension and dizziness in the hospital wing of the Butner detention center in Northcarolina, but because of a broken nose, several rib fractures and cutting wounds at the head. Have been taught in this injury a coach.

That the borenmaker, whom a New York court convicted in June last year to a prison sentence in the amount of 150 years, because he has a snowball system about 4.800 investors had brought a total of around 65 billion dollars, in addition to bone fractures also cut wounds on the face, suggests that he was not only rugged, but also tortured. Allegedly, the confrontation in which the victims were admitted to the injuries to money. But although American as well as German boulevard media partially described the incident with a Hohnische Unterton, there is no indication that Madoff betrayed the tatter. Just as well as possible is that the man demanded money from him – which the Borsenmakler either could not give or wanted.

The normal case

Bernard Madoff. Photo: u.S. Department of Justice

Traci Billingsley, the spokeswoman of the prison administration, said that Madoff has stated in December himself, he had not been attacked. No other prisoner has reported the supervisors of such an incident. In addition, the process of the Wall Street Journal was "almost impossible", Because the accused was housed in a very different cell wire, which was also completed at night. However, this restriction is not valid where a service statement regulates that inmates can leave their areas with both a pass and meals. In order not to complain about further reprisals, such an expert cited by the newspaper, be it by no means unusual that victims of prison violence deny this.

Their information got the two Wall Street journal authors Dionne Searcey and Amir Efrati of three tarringers – one of them is also imprisoned in the institution, a second has been released now. About the third source, which confirmed the incident, writes the sheet merely that they are with the situation of the banker "trusted" may be. Allegedly, it is not Madoff’s lawyer IRA Sorkin. Because this initially gave the hypertension version to the public and did not want to take a long time for the violence signs, the suspicion was scattered, he has scattered the story to work on premature along Madoffs.

In view of the suspected that even a high-profile adhesion like Madoff can not be protected from violence in the prison, however, the question arises as to whether such a case is not a single case, but an integral part of a system, which may possibly in its current form against the right to physical integrity and protection against torture – not only in the US, but also in Germany.

Since 2006 in the North Rhine-Westfalische Siegburg a borrowing of his three cells to death was tortured, there were regular reports on similar violence crimes. Only last week, a 24-year-old fraud and robberies in a detention center in the Hessian City enlisted the serious injury, which he has a 29-year-old coach on 15. Marz had admitted.

The previous 29-year-old, who confessed the act according to the information of the prosecutor Darmstadt now had the head of his sacrifice with the fiction carriers known from other spectacular corporary infringement traps against the head. The act was during the so-called "Enclose" committed – a time in which adhesives can move freely between the non-locked cells. It is particularly noteworthy in the event that the victim had already complained about developing and violence during his injuries – which apparently did not have (or at least not sufficient) consequences.

In fact, in view of the stable return of such forceles, it seems increasingly a council, which prevents hords to shape doctors so that enchants during their stay no other prisoners have to face. Even shower, courtyard, or library seasons, namely, in shifts, organize so organize that the next prisoner will only be omitted when his process is securely locked up in its own single cell.

Defenders of the current adhesive system mention above all the reason for whose maintenance: for one, there are adhesive wings, which were wanted, to the other, the prisoners could "Exercise social affairs". Exactly this "Social cooperation" But is like a study from 2006, quite from "every day practiced strategies of submission" embossed. This also explains why a group of adherence lets "Together" Wanted and another not.

Also numerous other empirical data suggest that such "Community experiences" not only to the state-tolerated torture, which GUANTANAMO shows in comparison to a variant of the RTL jungle camp, but that they make strong criminals through the possibilities for sharing expertise and buffing contacts from criminals.

On the other hand, there are no durable studies that have been demonstrated that the currently practiced "Social cooperation" in the custody of the resiscalization was demanded. A daily conversation with a therapist or even a consistent degree of demonstration was therefore possible to achieve much strong reso-socializing effects than the handling of violent criminal. And it could soften the effect that prison stays among teens intensive stars increase the prestige.

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