The next apple smartphones: news from “iphone 12”

When is the new iPhone generation finally on the market? The Apple scene continues to expect October as an envisigration date for that "iphone 12". Now there are news from Apple’s Asian supply chain.

Accordingly, production at the most important application manufacturer of the iPhone Group, Foxconn, is currently running 24 hours uninterrupted, without workers take a vacation – though in China from the 1. October the week of the national holiday is. Overtime, there are duty in the works, reports the Hong Kong appearing South China Morning Post.

Hardly free days and recruitment bonus

The workers are allegedly only allowed to take four free days per month. The reward should be around 800 euros a month, who is a longer than 90 days, but KONNE "neatly special money" Earn such a staff to the newspaper. Foxconn began to make night shifts since summer. "We were so busy because of the iPhone 12", such another employee.

Foxconn tries to win new employees on bonus payments, up to 1300 euros in it, if a staff stays at least three months and works 55 days. The sum was reduced to 1100 euros later. Employees who recruit new employees get a payment of just under 65 euros.

Hardware details of the four new models

Apple plans to introduce a total of four new iPhone models. It should come about two pro variants and two "normal" Iphones act. That "iPhone 12" Get allegedly as a 5.4-inch variant that "iPhone 12 Mini" Homes, the standard-"iPhone 12" has 6.1 inches. At the "iPhone 12 Pro" In turn, there is a standard model with 6.1 inches and one "iphone 12 per max" with 6.7 inches – a new coarse for Apple. General Room is 5G support, improved cameras and a hand-drawn design. At the "iphone 12" and "iPhone 12 Mini" In terms of flash memories, it is supposed to start at 64 GB, while the pro variants have at least 128 GB.

What is missing are – at least for some models – the supplied wired headhortry Earpods. This shows details from the beta version of iOS 14.2 Macrumors discovered. Apple has therefore changed information where the specification "supplied" with wired headhorters was removed without replacement. The must then bring users to the users.

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