The neo-nazis hiking out!

But unfortunately only virtual …

According to a report from the North German broadcasting, up to 90 neonazi groups of Germans to American Internet providers should be changed in recent days to protect themselves from the access of the German justice or the locking of their pages through German providers.

Prominentest victim is the site of the Federal Board of the "Young National Democrats" (JN), the end of the past week has been knocked off. "Our websites", It is in an explanation of the youth organization of the NPD, "we were unlikely and without comment, even the eBRiF accounts were closed." Meanwhile, the pages have been mirrored; and over the network offer of the NPD, which has already gained a NET address for a long time.

But not only in the network, the brown is currently unusually violently on the collar. This is how a certain "quintus" in the right-wing extremist network forum www.nit.the fact that some banks had now defined NPD accounts. Quote: "Deutsche Bank and Postbank have announced accounts of the NPD! Grundling:, the account holders have used their accounts to transaction by right-wing business. We can also be our customers themselves’."

When it should be right, but quite unusual approach to right-wing radicals – and for old or new Nazis certainly a historical shock, especially if they think about the under Hitler so good relationship between NSDAP and German coarse banks. But the wind has now obviously shot, and the German society, especially the policy and the capital, wants to socialize "Neonazism and racism" If not exit, then at least score. Finally, the foreign-timely starting, excerpts and overflinks charge the location "Germany" and are an obstacle in the globalization of the economy and politics.

That this "system" now Ernst, Andre Goertz, one of the most famous figures in the North German scene, has now noticed, which has briefly tempered to blame himself in a contribution of the Telepolis Forum that he was everything, blob no Neanazi (neonazi forever) : "My development is clearly clear: away from dump right-wing extremism, modernization of political content, creation of timetable communication, overcoming of rigid party policy, unity of national left and rights (the hits of antifa and Nazi subculture are neither right nor left, but just primitive To). I call the progressive nationalism and the newspapers call it, neo-Nazi." And with such and other embodiments, Goertz then speaks in the spirit of the former RAF member Horst Mahler, who recently joined the NPD.

Already almost odril sounds in this context the message that last Sunday right radicals in Hamburg against the "Hitting campaign" of the Springer publisher demonstrated. And that speakers "to the boiler tax of the picture newspaper" In the 60s against activists of the student movement reminds and Rudi Dutschke even as "National freedom cheaper" Discovered, it speaks that the rights is now more than gestor.

But maybe these wirkopfe can be betrayed with the good Nazi report of the day we have taken from the sides of the NPD Dresden:

"Which the watches in Saxony, especially in Dresden, still go differently than in the rest of Germany, proved a comrade, a party known for their distancing reverberation. He donated, spontaneously, as an expression of his solidarity with the NPD, from our own pocket 100, -DM to our district association!!! Thus, the real patriots, through the repressions of the system, are only firmer together, it separates the chaff of wheat, and who stands to us in today’s situation, is really a good comrade, whether inside or outside the NPD! We will not forget that!!!"

Sounds like "Titanic", But really comes from the district association of the NPD.

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