The long wait for the exodus

At the beginning of the second week of war, aid organizations work in Iraq’s neighboring states in full swing – only the escape of the flights remain so far

On Wednesday, at the beginning of the second week of the Iraq war, the US army guided announced the beginning of the offensive on the capital Baghdad. From the suds of the Old State is continued by massive fighting around the city Nassirijah, Basra and Nadschaft. The messages about the victims are more under the civil avenue. These developments contrary to the rough escape stream so far. Nevertheless, the relevant aid organizations are warning in all intricate states in front of a hired design. "It is not unusual in such sudden phases of a conflict that only a small number of escape lures leave your country", explained Peter Kessler, the spokesman of the UN escape ailfswerk Unhcr on Thursday morning. A similar development should be observed in the ongoing conflict on the ivory custody.

Growing criticism Following the local aid organizations on the conflict parties. Nadine Shamounki, the representative of the UN development program UNDP, reported by "massive impregnations of our employees through combat actions". The aid organizations also see a reason for the lack of escape stream, because "The US Army has prompted the population not to leave their houses ". At the same time, the news about civil bomb victims, most recently in the attacks on the Central International Town Hillah and a hospital entertained by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) entertained hospital in Baghdad.

Help for three million escapeons possible

Despite the lack of information and the lack of escape stream, the expansion of humanitarian auxiliary changes in the six border states of Iraq is in full swing. The United Nations already started at the beginning of the war of a million inland flights, which fall in love with the second Gulf War 1990/91 and through the difficult economic situation its homeland. If the situation calms and the Iraqi straws can be safely expedient, the "International organization for migration" (IOM) with over three million escape. At the last war between the US and Iraq before twelve, it was almost two million. "We simply do not know how many people are currently in front of the fight on the run, and just as little we know how many will flee in the coming weeks and months", describes the IOM employee Chris Lom the situation.

Long awaited information from the war area, the UN Children’s Fund Unicef reached a convoy with auxiliary guidance and water, which overlooked the border on Tuesday of Jordan. On the way to Safwan near the bonded coal town of Basra in the south of Iraq, the convoy city has passed through the city, in which tens of thousands of people have to get along without any help. Missing drinking water is especially for children the big danger. In the south of Iraq, temperatures in recent days rose up to 37 degrees Celsius. Diarrhea conditions can lead to life-threatening flow loss in this climate. However, a sufficient water supply is only possible if the military situation or the politics of the War Parties allow a permanent work of aid organizations to establish the appropriate infrastructure.

Unicef: US militar commits the same mistakes as in Afghanistan

For the youngest in the war area, the conflict also carries immediate dangers. As Unicef complained to Wednesday, the US army once again uses cassette bombs with the same color of the auxiliary packages distributed by it again. Bomb "Blu 97" Have a yellow plastic hull, yellow but also the auxiliary packages that distributed the soldiers of the Alliance to the civil-population. "In Afghanistan, it has given a relatively high number of civilian victims, which held in the impact of non-detonated cassette bombs false for auxiliary packages", said a UNICEF speaker. Even then, there had been massive complaints of aid organizations, but the same error will be committed again. Significant for UN policy, however, the conclusion is. Not the use of the bombs was criticized, but UNICEF called on the US Army on Wednesday to distribute aid packages in a different color.

Harald Neuber, Amman

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