The international red cross demands the freestess of the prisoners

If no charge against Saddam Hussein and other prisoners should take place, the prisoners had to be on 30. June after the Geneva conventions are released; However, the US militar wants to continue to hold thousands of prisoners unlimited

In order to avoid the criticism of the criticism of the US government with prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq in front of the torture of Abu Ghraib and at the same time avoiding Saddam Hussein quickly a process, this was awarded the status of a prisoner of war. But this also brings commitments to which now the international Red Cross is attentive and that the US government prior to unpleasant decisions.

The International Red Cross demands the freestess of the prisoners

That Saddam Hussein is even stronger than Osama Bin Laden which is quite a personal enemy of US Prasident Bush, who saw the personalized Bose in him, was also clear that he kept the pistol as a souvenir in the souvenir house that is at the Attendance of Hussein found in December 2003. Bush is really proud of the weapon and like to show her, strolled it.

Seven months Saddam Hussein had previously been hiding before the arrest. The attempts to tune him with the help of precision bombs at the beginning and during the short war, are also failed, as precision with other members of the Hussein regime. A total of 50 were from the beginning of the war to 18.4. 2003 designed – all without success, as the New York Times reports. Only civilians were killed, whose death was also appropriately accepted. Commandors had to obtain the approval of Defense Minister Rumsfeld if the possibility insisted that more than 30 civilians were revealed. Apparently every shelling was still approved.

Also the most accurate weapons, but despite the wrong picture of the clean war, also with the acceptance of significant "collateral damage" are used, can not meet if the information is wrong about the goal. And false was apparently the information provided by informants of the CIA. However, it seems to be convinced of their accuracy so that Bush praised the beginning of the war when they believed, on the 19.3. 2003 with a bomb the Iraqi regime "behead" Can (Saddam was the goal of air raids).

Saddam Hussein is in December 2003 in an action staged by the Bush government for the spectacle -"WE GOT HIM!" – Stayed – months after the explanation of US Prasident Bush under the banner "Mission accomplished", that the coarse fighting is finished. With this unambiguously distinctive formulation, it had been careful for good reason because the resistance has increased until and after. But not to explain the war terminal than finished, the powers of the military occupying power also secured in Iraq and allowed Saddam Hussein as a prisoner of war. However, Hussein became only "technically" as a prisoner of war referred to by the US militar and explored that this status can also be changed, if new information coming, such that hussein is responsible for suicide proposal. Only one month after the arrest, Hussein was ared of the (flower) status as a prisoner of war.

Is Saddam Hussein now a prisoner of war?

Prisoners of war must not only be treated according to the Geneva conventions, they have to be released even after the end of the war, if they are not put to court due to war crimes. Wong prisoners needed, if they are accused of war criminals or crimes against humanity, be charged by the occupying power or placed in front of an international tribunal, but they can also give them an independent government, unless they signed the Geneva conventions.

Now, Hussein was imprisoned as other high regime members and is held at unknown place, but so far, neither against him nor against the others "Prisoner of war" an indictment raised. The processes against the leading regime members and Saddam Hussein wanted the US government from the independent Iraqi government after the 30. June in one "fair" Process to carry out to be accused of prolonging justice. Nevertheless, the process was allowed to bring problems (process against Saddam Hussein will provide for new conflicts), even if this should be significantly accepted by the Americans co-installed transition government as independently. With the defense, 20 laws were commissioned from nine countries. Whether the process is restricted to the crimes in the country itself is unclear. But even then the United States are involved in it, because when Iraq has used chemical weapons against the Kurds, the then US government was known to be a bonded hussein (the dirty policy of politics).

If we ame that the crew on the 30. June ended, then this was meant that this is the end of the inernational armed conflict. That’s the legal situation. If the conflict is finished, the prisoners of war must be released after the Geneva conventions.

Nada Doumani, ICRC spokeswoman

The International Red Cross (ICRC) not only points to clarifying the status of Saddam Hussein before the 30. June, which had to be released, if no charge is raised against him, but also to those of the thousands of prisoners of Iraqis, which are still from the US militar without charge in one "legal vacuum" are held (s.a. The two-class system of the Pentagon). How to become the festive, the freezing of many prisoners from the Abu Ghraib cog according to the announcement of the torture scandal. Suddenly the people who were often locked up months were apparently no longer dangerous. An offense, which is why they had detained them, apparently could not be delivered. However, the Americans have already explained, they continued to hold thousands of prisoners from security, which means that the voluntary justification should be maintained in the country with the allegedly Souveran government. At an official charging, Hussein and other prisoner rights were asserted as the insight into the indictment or visiting a lawyer.

After the International Red Cross are still over 3 in Abu Ghraib.000 prisoners, after all, only the half lasted as the Marz 6.000, including three women and 18 young people under 18 years. Another 1.400 should be up to 30. June be dismissed or relocated. The US wants to continue Camp Bucca and Camp Redemption (Abu Ghraib) as a prestigence under their supervision. In addition, the US militar will also operate bearings, in which arrested should come for a short time before they are laid in one of the two fishing. This allows further scope. But still the International Red Cross has not received any exact numbers about the abandonments or relocations of prisoners.

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