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Neonazis is not evaporated by ignorance, as the example of the North Rhine-Westfalish small town Stolberg shows

In North Rhine-Westfalische Stolberg, several hundred people against right-wing extremism have been demonstrated for the first time in mid-April for the first time. The occasion was a ceremony of the NPD, which the party rounded in 1964 was awarded to its 40th annual existence in the city’s city hall. According to party, around 250 loaded guests visited, including NPD boss Udo Voigt, the celebration. Coarse parts of the federal executive and the Saxon state parliament, party anniversaries and neo-Nazi skinheads had traveled. But why the NPD celebrating her birthday just in the peaceful small town deep in the West? So far only had Antifa groups Stolberg "right stronghold" referred to in NRW ­ or "defamed", as some thought.

Organizer of the ceremony was the Stolberg councilor Willibert Kunkel. The 54-year-old is chairman of the NPD district association Aachen, a member of the NRW regional executive committee and is considered the driving force behind the NPD district association Aachen Middle Rhine, the angehoren the county associations Aachen, Cologne, Monchengladbach / Heinsberg and Erftkreis. At the Essen NRW party congress placed his party Kunkel in December 2004 also for sixth place on the reserve list, the NRW state election on 22. May. If the NPD has received fun percent of the electoral votes, he hurries in the Dusseldorfer Landtag. But from Kunkel’s functions, the population in Stolberg has so far little. To present his bustle through critical reporting, will offer him an additional forum, so the opinion of local media.

The strategy but drives weird bleeding. For example, as a Kunkel at the end of 2004 from the District Court Eschweiler for corporary injury to a fine of 2.100 euros was sentenced. He had committed this at one for the time of 13-year-old. In the fused local edition of the Stolber Zeitung and Stolberger news, the burger could learn that one "NPD boss" respectively. "NPD chairman" had been condemned. Hardly a reader knew however, Kunkel made this office locally dressed ­ An indication that the condemned was also the well-known NPD council was missing in local reporting. When the district court of Aachen rejected the appeal of the NPD man, the Burger had almost not learned this again. Ultimately, however, one better: Kunkel finally became the name, sometimes his NPD officials and the good connections to the right-wing extremists "Camera Aachener Land" called.

Kunkel rose from the Nobody to the party functionar, who is his hometown on the 16th. April 2005 A tired of the police hermetically sealed city hall as well as enchanted bus and rail traffic, is exemplary for dealing with neo-Nazis in the small town. Stolberg was a seat of the Hitler Youth Wiking Youth (WJ) for about 25 years. From 1967 to 1991 the Stolberger Wolfgang Nahrath was their federal fuels. On the outskirts ­ and not secretly in remote districts ­ Found Tent camps of the WJ instead, weir sports busts included. Just rarely joined it. When the WJ was banned in 1994, Nahrath only made small meetings. Focus of neonazi activities relocated themselves to the neighboring town of Eschweiler, where in the middle and late 1990s "Brown house" The meeting point of the neonazi scene was.

Stolberg bubed the reputation after the WJ ban "right stronghold" and entered the title to the Durwib district in Eschweiler. There in the "Brown house" Camera meeting, parties and concerts instead. Unlike in Stolberg at times of the WJ, however, massive protests from the population made that that "Brown house" after about three years again empty. And when in 1999 at the local elections by changing suffrage in NRW, the 5 percent hurried, the gaze turned back to Gen Stolberg. The right-wing extreme DVU moved with a representative in the city council. The blow Willibert Kunkel and had never noticed anti-fascists. But that should change soon and in Stolberg it came back to right activities. Already in the fall of 2000 there were very coarse-flat leaflet and sticker actions by right-wing extremists and NPD. The local press was worth the scarce messages.

Cold shoulder for the problem Kunkel

In the middle of 2001, the "Camera Aachener Land" (Kal). Some of the "Comrades" Life today in Stolberg. In the same year, the police took teenagers several times in the city center and on a former Bundeswehr Greige, the Nazi slogans grolten. The following was the year 2002 for Stolberg ­ and handling the neo-Nazis. Even as a DVU member, the bunky in the Council until then, in February, organized a demonstration under the motto "The right against guards". Burgermeister Hans-Josef Siebertz (CDU) called the burgers to support neither the right march, nor a left-hand counter-demonstration. The city of Wool, according to the Christian Democrat, Extremists of any Couleur offer no podium. Ultimately, 30 neo-Nazis marched up and around 100 anti-fascists, mostly from Aachen, demonstrated against it ­ Over twenty of them, after seat blockades were arrested flowers and some Stolberger scolded autonomous autonomous, which brought the city into trouble.

Shortly thereafter, Kunkel and its DVU circle association with other NRW circular links of the DVU to the NPD ran. Kunkel made it done to bring the then almost insignificant NPD district association Aachen to the front man. Already in May 2002, the impacted pre-inspired, former chairman of the forbidden FAP, Friedhelm Busse, in the Stolberger NPD root pub. At the end of August, Kunkel then called for the march under the motto "Work first for Germans" on. In consultation with the then Aachen police-projorant Heinrich Bonninghaus, said Siebertz ‘Buroleiter Thomas Muth, there is no opinion from the city side. To the "Problem Kunkel" If you will continue to show the cold shoulder, so Muth back then on request. The police denied such agreement later and the march of the NRW state executive committee. 80 counter-demonstrators stood 60 right-wing extremists, some of which are scanned: "We are invaded again!"

In 2003, Kunkels Kreisverband and the calves started visiting rights to visit in all Germany. The 54-year-old-year-old themselves profiled themselves as a speaker and was elected in the Federal Board of Communal Political Association of the NPD (KPV). Locally, however, everything was hardly interested as the picture of the Tumber Nazi was still held to ignore the solution of all problems. Meanwhile, around 20 right-wing radicals tried from the calf environment to attack an anti-fascist concert in Stolberg. In October, Kunkel mixed together "Comrades" then under 700 Stolberger, who at one "Kehraus action" honorary mull collected. The emport of Daruber rash quickly. In Stolberg, at the end of 2003, a new district association Aachen / Heinsberg of DVU and distributed in 2004 in the day in the day in the day in the day in the day in the day of a foreigner flight bleed in mailbox. In the local press one read nothing, the widespread DVU lugs from Germany economically emanating outlanders ghosted long by such a cap.

Locally, Kunkel excited only in mid-2004, when he was in the weeks before the municipal election with 40 neo-Nazis at a new edition of the city "Kehraus action" participate. Although around 850 Stolberger participated in this, the Neonazis dominated the final festival of the action in front of the town hall. Many burgers were looking for the vastness and the police were with half a diligence on site. Kunkel along with Kal served extensively at the free beer until the workman of the collar police burst and stopped after hours. Previously, however, Burgermeister Siebertz Kunkel and other neo-Nazis on the council road prices of a raffle, where all the helpers of the cleaning action are automatically participated. Asked why he did not uplift the only critical word in his speech because of the brown hazard, Siebertz said, in his function as administrative leaders, he did not. Reason: This can be misinterpreted as the campaign appearance of the CDU burger champion candidate. Anti-fascists threw him a completely detection of the reality. On the evening of the same day, 25 Kal members tried an anti-fascist concert to states.

Council meeting under police protection

On 26. September 2004 took place in NRW local elections. Kunkel, his party friend Oliver Hart and the DVU-Man Rudi Motter moved into the Stolberger Council. The local media was surprised that the proportion of right-wing extremist Ratsmanner had tripled despite the tactics whose bustle to ignore,. The joint local ie of the Stolberger Zeitung / News commented about: "The launches of the last days (SIC!) have become a bad certainty. It’s sitting…) Right radicals (in fractional) in the city council. (…) That is bad (…) And asks the more the Democrats."

The constituent Council meeting on 19. October then took place under police protection, because Kunkel, Harf and Motter love 20 calf skins accompany. When choosing the Burgermeister, Kunkel received four voices, including a bourgeois camp. Shortly thereafter, he did not, but one "NPD boss" convicted (s.O.To). Almost simultaneously, unknowns smeared a coarse swastika on a Turkish-Islamic cultural center. Utensils for the construction of a Molotov cocktail were also found at the scene. The local press was a scarce message without image.

Something surprised seemed Stolberg’s burger and local media that the NPD had just made her city for the ceremony. The same thing was attempted to keep secret over weeks. Four days before, however, the message laughed through and randomly on the evening of the 13. April 2005 rounded, socially broadly landscaped "Aachen bundis against right" called on the basic assembly to protests against the NPD. The new Stolberger Burgermeister Ferdi Gatzweiler (SPD) called a day later than "clear sign" against the right to an extraordinary council meeting, parallel to the beginning of the NPD ceremony. Gatzweiler then demanded the constituence of a local bundnis against intolerance and any kind of extremism ­ latter a reference to the locational CDU top, which still rarely the Left Sextremism rarely applies in Stolberg.

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