The city and the weather

The urban regions not only store the warm, but drove how satellite data show, also increased rainfall in the further environment

Increasingly, more people will live in the future in the city or urban regions. That citys and generally the seal of the soil affect the climate, nothing is new. But now show pictures of a NASA satellite that urban hot islands in their nearby.

The city and the weather

Average rainfall in May 2002

The Satellite Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) of NASA and the Japanese space work is part of the Earth Science Enterprise. Equipped for the first time with a precipitation radar, which can also detect small amounts of rain and snow from the earth’s surface to the high of 20 kilometers vertically, the instruments of the satellite are to the temporal and room variations of the tropical rain and the latent warms Condensing the water vapor in the air arises to measure on earth.

Increased dependence as a result of urban hot influences

With the TRMM data, Marshal Shepherd and his colleagues at the Goddard Space Flight Center realized that the monthly rainfall is in a radius of 30-60 kilometers around the city in the wind direction on average 28 percent gross than in the region, which is against the wind. For some baddens this value even increases to 50 percent. This is a whole lot, and will also affect okologically and gain in importance in the long term.

Urban regions where there are many buildings, straws and other sealed flats, known to store the warm and generate so locally high temperatures. These hot buzzers in turn drove to ascending air masses and finally to clouds that influence the weather in the nearer environment. Cities are between 0.56 and 5.6 degrees Celsius warm than the surrounding country. The warm and air circulation outstanding from Stadten lit primarily in the summer in the wind direction the rainfall sometimes to over 100 percent increase.

The city and the weather

So far, the climatic effects of Cities were relatively measured, but with satellites can be found on the long period of time and global level. Interesting goods certainly to investigate how urban hot islands can uplift the climate long term. With the increasing urbanization, the influence of the climate by human settlements and their warm-saving infrastructure continued to increase – and for example, the global emphasis.

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