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At first reading, the NRW Landtag dealt with the amendment of the penalization law created by Interior Minister Wolf (FDP), which the intelligence law "Offensive Internet observation" and the penetration in private computers was allowed – for the opposition is the trendy break

At first reading yesterday, the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia treated that "Law for the Changing the Law on Festival Protection in North Rhine-Westphalia". The draft is rejected by the Grununen and the SPD, which was allowed to measure the catch protection, secretly penetrate the internet in private computers (penetration protection should access computer over the Internet). The amendment was already on the way before the failed attack took place on the regional train. Interior Minister Wolf (FDP) first reported the plenary from the status of the investigation. Apparently, despite the arrests occurred, ignorance of the motives of the suspects occurs.

The police obviously tapped, according to the foreign minister’s exports, still largely in the dark, which concerns the background and motifs of the mutual bombing:

Therefore, there is also no durable valuation possible from which grounds Germany for the connection has been selected. There are no secured findings to what extent family structures, an Islamist mind or integration into a network, personal experiences or other influence exclusive for action were.

Nevertheless, FUR Wolf was apparently constructed with the discovery of the two – after experts incorrectly incorrectly and therefore not functional – explosives confirmed that Germany "part of a worldwide danger room" is. After the 11.9. I have quickly set to this threat and developed a "holistic receiving approach" so as to let all authorities work together. "International terrorist networks and also domestic terrorists use", "the Internet and electronic communication increasingly on propaganda and logistical purposes. The observation of websites, chats and the penetration in computer systems is therefore a necessary instrument for effective preamble protection."

This should allow for among other things, the amendment of the preamble protection law, which the secret service the after the 11.9. Did special powers for information about international terrorists also permitted in domestic domestic terrorists.

Therefore, the information powers against banks and telecommunications companies should also apply to domestic extremism. We have to see the so-called Homegrown Terrorists – Islamists with German state-owned and observe as well as observe as foreign danger. This does not mean that, for example, the bank details could be checked each individual. Only for indications of the presence of serious dangers – such as.B. the planned attack on a synagogue – may catch the strike protection such information.

Ingo Wolf on 31.8th. before the state parliament

You can not remove the world in which the modern terrorists move is not from the observation by the secret service. WOLF points out that the Federal Government also targets extensions in the upcoming change in the Federal Scaled Protection Act, but these were crimped stronger in North Rhine-Westphalia by the FDP. For example, the preamble protection information about individuals of aviation and telecommunitions companies, banks and postal services is required and "offensive Internet measures" can export, but only when "sufficient indications of heavy criminal offenses" and the Parliamentary G10 Commission has approved this. For some exercises of the Minister of the Interior, however, you doubt a little, whether he is overpowering, what he speaks.

To this offensive internet viewing, in addition to the observation of homepages also reading e-mails on hard drives. As responsible Minister of the Interior, I would like to know for the security of our country, which extremists move up to bomb buildings from the Internet and who discussed in concealed chat rooms on suitable stop targets.

Ingo Wolf

Paragraph 5 of the Final Protection Act is intended to focus on the observation of aspirations pursuant to § 3 ABS. 1 no. 1 Advanced ", it is called in the design text," to meet the new phenomenon of home-grown terrorists with effective apprentices."However, § 3 ABS refers to. 1 no. 1 not on "domestic terrorists", but on far more:

§ 3 tasks

(1) The task of the suspension protection work is the collection and evaluation of information, in particular of person and personal information, news and documents above

1. Aspirations, which are directed against the liberal democratic basic order, the existence or the security of the Federal or a country or a unlawful influence of the official authorization of the commitment organs of the Federal or a country or its members, … in the scope of the Basic Law, as far as actual indications for suspicion of such aspirations and activities.

In the draft bill, the monitoring of letter, postal and telecommunications traffic regulated within the framework of Article 10 Basic Law will be expanded to the following powers:

Secret observation and other clarification of the internet, such as the concealed participation in its communication facilities or. The search for you, as well as secret access to information technology systems also with use of technical means. As far as such measures are an intervention in the letter, postal and telecommunications secrecy or. In the nature and severity equal, this is only entitled to the conditions of the law on Article 10 of the Basic Law.

Thereafter, the treasure protections were the "participation in chats, auctions and exchange bolts, the determination of domain owners, the review of the homepage access, the finding of hidden websites as well as access to stored computer data". In the process, the extended powers seem to be approved, even if "the effects of the measures" over the "territorial boundaries" of the federal state, what is the case that the long-term protection NRW also in Hamburg or Bavaria penetrate in computers and read "emails" could.

At the CDU, the draft bill came to approval. So Peter Biesenbach said, "We want to expand powers so we do not drive bike when others are traveling by car."At the FDP you are split. During Horst Angel premiums that a circumcision of the burger rights and the existing instrument for terrorism is sufficient, Robert Orth arises behind the FDP Interior Minister and wants to restrict the expansion of powers temporally. For Karsten Rudolph Ware the penetration in the computer strangweight.

Monika Duker (Bundis 90 / the Grunen) not only recovered the expansion of the powers of "domestic terrorists", but above all that the law can penetrate against the Basic Law because of permission to penetrate into private computers. This is not about control by the G10 Commission, ie the monitoring of letter, postal and telecommunications, but Article 13 of the Basic Law, who protects the inviolability of the apartment. Duker refers to a judgment of the Federal Scarf Court of the Marz of this year, which has just treated such a case. Thereafter, data stored "after completion of the transfer procedure in the dominion of the communication participant" were not by the species. 10 ABS. 1 GG includes: "The data is protected by the right to informational self-determination and, if applicable, by the right to inviolability of the apartment."In that good access to a treasure breakage comparable. However, the commitment court emphasized that "to the data stored in the communication subscriber are accessed only under certain conditions and, in particular, after the measure of the relevant relation capital principle". In the case negotiated by the Feight Court, it had been a "extremely low" suspicion and by no means for serious crimes.

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