The business with natasha continues

In England appears on the 30. November a violent controversial book over the publication of Natasha Kampusch

The scene occurred in a small "Spar" supermarket on the long sandy beach in the bay of Alcudia in the northeast of the holiday island Mallorca at the end of August this year. Before the newspaper at the entrance, a German couple stares at the picture headline that day: "Natascha: She cried around her debut."The woman Aubert – probably – loudly:" First she makes for years with her debuger ‘rum, now she paves crocodilers and also collects millions for it."Nobody of the German tourists shopping in the supermarket this morning is apparently contributed to the folk’s fearlessness of the woman – at least no one contradicts.

The opinion of the Germans was by no means an exception when it came to assessments of the "Falls Natasha Kampusch". The now 18-year-old was on 23. August’s escape. For more than eight years, she had previously been held by her debut Wolfgang Priklopil in the basement of his house in Strasshof near Vienna, mostly in a bunker-like space, trapped. The decusser took on the day of escape of his sacrifice life. Natashas history became topstory for the media worldwide. At times she was even in conversation for the Women’s World Award.

Neid and hatred in internet forums

Anyone who is dragged from the media dubbing into the center of the reporting, usually soon gets the shadow sides of this unexpected grounds to traces. Natascha Kampusch hardly happened other than inconvenient "media victims" previously. In letters, especially on Austria-rich newspapers, in Internet forums and weblogs, was discussed violently over the case in the following weeks. In addition to a lot of sympathy for the remuneration victim, there were also increasingly voices full of envy and even open hatred: "Last end, Ms. Kampusch for eight years, holiday from the family ‘today already has more money on the account as some after 45 years of life working time," cited picture In September, an entry from the Internet Forum of the Easter-Rich Boulevardblatt "Kronen Zeitung", which was now lolled. Previously, Natascha Kampusch has been known for exclusive interviews with the "crown", the Easter-rich weekly magazine "News" and the public ORF as well as the resale of the interviews among other things to RTL about one million euros.

Some media that had not been considered with interviews, will soon be released on all "exclusive" information. So reported the "star", Natasha Kampusch, in early 2006, made a trip to the Semmering ski resort about 100 kilometers from Vienna at the beginning of 2006 with her debuger Wolfgang Priklopil. In the case of a traffic control of the police, she did not recognize himself in addition, wrote the German weekly magazine citing an investigator. The remuneration victim contradicted several times this representation – "I never was at Semmering. This is blodglish "- their believeness was tanned medially but sustainably.

The girl in the basement

Further restlessness and speculation, a book of the Viennese journalist Michael Leidig is already creating, which he wrote together with the British authors Allan Hall. "The Girl in the Cellar: The Natascha Kampusch Story" appears on the 30th. November in Great Britain and is from the renowned publisher Hodder Stowton is brought to the market. A few days later, a Hollandic catch should appear in the Netherlands. A German-language edition is not planned for the time being because publisher and authors want to leave legal disputes with the lawsuit of the remuneration sacrifice out of the way. Nevertheless, Kampusch’s lawyer wants to proceed: "We will take all legal action," Gerald Hertger said on Thursday against the "Wiener Zeitung". However, so far an assessment of the factory is still difficult, although the British daily "The Times" has already published several passages in advance.

Was Natasha’s caught a sanctuary?, wrote the leaf to the Murdoch Empire on Friday Provocant on a passage from the book, where the authors especially serious premieges against the mother of the remuneration sacrifice, but also against the Viennese psychiatrist Dr. Max Friedrich raise. Already in 1998, four pictures were presented to the well-known Easter-rich psychiatrist, which show the 40-year-old Natasha in sexually picky poses, writing Leidig and Hall citing a named former head of a police group, which at that time at the search after the Unfaired directly involved. Friedrich had decided at this time that this material should not be involved in the further search.

Journalist Leidig does not want to precipitate with these and other supposed enthusiasm according to the "Wiener Zeitung" an authorized biography, but rather to give a contributed: "We raise many questions that only Kampusch itself can answer," he will be from the oldest Austria Tages newspaper quoted. The other media in the Alpen Republic are visibly hard in these days with the reporting on the English book publication. At first one obviously appointed to report on the matter, Mutmabt a Viennese insider. However, when the daily newspaper "Osterreich" of the Thema was followed on Friday, the other influential media of the country soon followed in almost the same relevant tenor: the so-called "scandal book" is a "business with Natascha".

Record quotas with Natasha

The "business" had previously made East Eichers mass media. Print title such as "crown", "courier" and "news" achieved record ranges. The day newspaper "Austria", the publisher Wolfgang Fellner on 1. September had started, the decommissioning case helped a particularly successful market entry. Over 330.000 copies had been sold on average in the first week, was the time of the busy publishers – meanwhile the edition is inflated at half. The second program of the ORF achieved at the broadcast of the interview with Natasha Kampusch on 6. September an ever-aided ratio of 80%, although at the same time in the first program, a FubballLander game of the Easter-Rich national team was broadcast live.

When the "business with Natascha" continues in Austria, is still uncertain. Demand is at least tremendous and there are offers for an authorized book publication, confirmed your advisor Stefan Bachleitner opposite the daily newspaper "Austria": "She gets unfavorable offers collected by their lawsold. Maybe it will give the book – she wants to write it myself."

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