The bosses of us root companies that defy the covid crisis

The bosses of US root companies that defy the Covid crisis

Trident II Missile / Lockheed Martin. Image: Pentagon / moon free

The business drivers of the FUF-Altogged Pentagon partners received a 2.4 million US $ 105.4 million last year

That "Covid year" 2020 was not a bad for the bosses of the FUNF coarsely US rusts. Their business drivers (CEOs) received a 2.4 million whereaith last year.

If you add to the business executive members of the Executive Board, the other leadership managers of the FUNF coarse companies that have to disclose their doors, "So this number rises to astonishing $ 276 million", like the Think Tank Center for International Policy (CIP).

That’s a lot of money. Especially if you are compared to the economic misery, which affects the rough parts of the US population. In April of this year, 34 percent of the small businesses were still closed, the unemployment rate is at 6 percent despite the reluctance to be achieved now; In January 2020, before the pandemic collected the US economy, it was 3.6 percent.

In Marz 2021, nine percent of all adults are still reporting that they had not had enough to eat in the last seven days, 10.7 million can not pay their rent, 9.5 million are in the residue with their mortgage payments. About 6.7 million adults – 29 percent of all adults in the nation – say that they have difficulty paying for rent, medical bills, student loans, car payments and food.

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, Responsible Statecraft

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, the numbers of the boom of War Inc. opposes, is to prevent premature classes, no antifa socialist, but a journalist, which wrote above all for conservative publications and worked for 15 years at Fox.

In their contribution, which addresses the US taxpayers directly at some places, it is about an aspect of gross inequality, which shows itself by the Covid crisis on the attendant manner, but usually remains in the background: the profits of the rust companies and their lodging staff – like the doing of the "Fat Cats" The contracting party of the Pentagon of the Covid crisis.

The FRAF coarsely stirred companies in the US are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon Technologies and Northrop Grumman. You also have civilian divisions, as can be understood by the example Boeing every reader,. Together, they are in different MAB, but in any case substantial, but a high proportion of the parts entered by appeal by the US Department of Defense.

According to the above mentioned Think Tank Center for International Policy (CIP), the "Federal Government Contracts" Four from FUFF these companies three quarters of the doors (see page 3 of PDF). "Not all these means are well created", This is the final set to the "huge buzz" leads, "which were paid to the CEOs and other top managers of the FUNF coarse weapons suppliers of the nation".

Pentagon: Support help in a high level of $ 4.6 billion

The coarse rust companies also trailed the Covid crisis, such as a long-term contribution in the publication Defense News from Center Marz this year in detail. They were worried, for the smaller companies they stayed, every seventh among them fear that they no longer recover. The gross was helped:

At the beginning of the pandemic, the responsible persons of the Pentagons worried about the health of the industrial base and the timetable of the programs. However, the big companies have recovered, and the large projects are coarse part in the schedule. Last year, at least half of the coarse procurement programs of the Pentagon came to delays due to Covid-19. The programs were able to recover, often within a few months after almost five billion dollars have been made to federal funding.

Defense News

It is the 4.6 billion support aid program that provided the saucepan from which the high charges for the CEOs of the Groben Rusting companies are paid, according to the conclusion, the Kelley Beaucar Vlahos in their article to the "Fat Cats" The rusts are drawn:

"As taxpayers they pay not only for what hardening and Riazi has a military-industrial complex full of costuits and performance ies, expenditure for weapon systems that are not relevant for the current security challenges, and investment in weapons, which indeed a dangerous place make ‘, but they subsidize the one-sided lifestyle of a narrow group of bonzes. That should make everyone sick, pandemic or not…"

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