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WG and Buro come on the electronic dog

Sony has since last year the crossover between Walkman and Tamagotchi on the market: the Aibo. A dog robot that can give pets at two hours and even lonely. An observation.

Recently a carton in the WG. Aha, a new screen. Or not? A black pinion plastic construct with memory stick came out in the butt. The AIBO as a rechargeable homunculus should simulate a dog and is distributed by Sony as high-tech toys. But not in the store. You have to register for a website and then hope for the activation code for the order. Already a week, a call center with Hollandic clerks and 5000, – DM Father is just this cardboard in the course.

But there does not bother the box. First of all, the plastic part has to be taught everything somehow what he should remember. The memorystick has 18 MB (at least more than the average language center of an assembler programmer), and they want to be filled. As an Input device, the head acts. Not your own, the AIBO. Once on the muzzle, Dududu (which is known from the Fubball Stadium), once the back of the head is rattled to Save and Repeat.

In the Buro, so I was not paid in the WG, AIBO can now give pets, recognize blue cuddly ceilings and something like growling. Here in the WG he was likely to become depressed and lose battery flow in the corner.

Theme: Energy. A little reminds of the AIBO to a CD-Walkman. Two hours he dachves without cable in the circle, then marches back to the basket. These are natural averages. If the mislook secretly passes on the microwave or climbing the phone, the lifetime is tapping … the battery. And if the hardware should not really want to correctly: pull out the memory, get new AIBO, in it. It will certainly soon give Leihaibos to the hotel.

This is not really really future music. Sony has long-term language computer programs on running, which can certainly simulate a phone call today with an assembler programmer. And in a sense, the concept was really running really running, if it, so to speak, an Age of Empire Surface Gabe, the dog communities to take pastime as a simulation of one’s own WG.

Until then, I am looking forward to the first encounter between Emil and Aibo. Emil is our guest dog, which can bounce off the maturn from the mouth and in principle all and everyone calls. Hopefully he knocks AIBO not too often with his snout on the back of the head …

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