Swiss say with coarse majority no for unconditional basic income

Only in some constituencies a majority voted in the districts of Zurich or Geneva

With gross tension, the exit of the referendum in Switzerland had also been expected internationally via the import of an unconditional basic income. In many countries the topic is on the agenda. But the Swiss will not play a pioneer role. Almost 77 percent of the Swiss have rejected such a basic income.

Daniel Hani, one of the co-initiators of the campaign, was still not shocked or destroyed. In the interview that appeared yesterday on Telepolis ("An unconditional existence can not be abused"), he had explained that he has realistically expected a 15 percent consent: "Now it looks so it looks more. The idea of unconditional basic income will win, if not a majority of approval." Now it was 23.1 percent of those who participated in the vote and thus a success. So Hani said today, the result meant that the debate continues internationally.

There were exceptions. In some bads such as Basel (36%), Geneva (34.7%) or Zurich (25.1%), the share of high, as well as in the cantons of Neuchâtons (31.2%) and Jura (35.8%). In some electoral circles, the People’s Initiative was also accepted. For example, have in the Zurchen City Circles 4 and 5 54.7 percent of the burger voted for the unconditional basic income, even in 3 election circles in Geneva voted a majority for that. On the other hand, there was rejection rates for such a socio-experiment such as in Appenzell Innerrhoden of more than 80 percent.

According to the ideas of the commodities of the popular initiative for an unconditional basic income "all the population a human watery existence and participation in public life" murdle. The basic income should be 2500 francs. In particular, the financing was the question, the question of whether many of them were stopped, whether it was just a kind of cooking program for women or whether it is actually reduced by the further digitization workplaces in the future.

If you want to reading a conservative attitude, then that is certainly right, the majority of the Swiss wanted nothing risk. But contrary to the legal National SVP with a rough majority of 67 percent of the law reform already adopted by Parliament and Government for the asylum proceedings. These are now accelerated by centralization accelerated in spater at least 140 days.

On the other hand, the SVP, which has been promoting rapid and mass deportation, did not revolt, but probably against the free legal protection, which every asylum seeker can demand. It was only more attractive again. That’s why the raising of the border is required: "In view of the tens of thousands of new asylum seekers of the last days in Italy, the Federal Council has quickly secured the boundaries so that illegal immigration and tractor can be prevented." the "significant removal" For the unconditional basic income, however, from the SVP as "Clear commitment to a solid state, which holds the personal responsibility high", buried.

No to the autolobby and yes for primal implantation diagnostics

Also the initiative for one "Fair traffic financing" received a significant rejection at 71 percent. People are not ready to invest more money in the strain expansion at the expense of other concerns such as education. The mineral oil is used to halfway on the strain traffic and to the other for other state expenditure. The initiative suggested that it should only be financed from it only expenses in the strain traffic.

constantly in any case the 68 percent high rejection of "Pro Service Public". Here requested that the federal government and federal companies such as Post, Railways or Swisscom should not work in profit-oriented, the leans paid should not lie in the federal administration. Of course, it was also about a lining of the houses.

As in Switzerland, as well as in Germany, a majority of people were true that in artificial fertilization, the primal implantation diagnostics (PID) can be used in certain limits. So far, the PID was prohibited in Switzerland. Now, 62.4 percent voted for the law that can be used the genetic examination of couples which are the carrier of a serious hereditary disease or that no children can not witness to naturally. Presents of properties such as gender or eye color remains prohibited. It is now also that doctors can only enlighten and use an embryo to avoid multiple pregnancies.

The law was introduced by SP and the grunes, ignited by the other parties, but rejected by the conservative parties EVP and SVP, which also brought a discharge here. The voting result, however, had been expected after a majority of the Swiss burger had already pronounced a longitudinal elevation for Praimplantation Diagnostics (PID) in 2015.

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