Sweden and czechs do not want the euro – never

Sweden and Czechs do not want the euro - never

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After a survey, only a majority of Romanians and Hungarians wanted to import the euro in their countries

With the euro crisis, the in 2002 was lost to attractive. 19 EU member states – or were allowed to follow the eurozone. Last Estonia, Latvia and 2015 Last Lithuania. Iceland is the desire to return to the Eurozone again. Otherwise, even within the euro area, the tendency is stronger, demanded by the EU skeptical and legal populistic movements and parties, to give up the common safeguard.

In doing so, if without time specifications, all EU member states, apart from the Bobbank and Danemark, must take the euro. According to a recent survey of the Eurobarometer among 7,000 burgers of the countries, which the eurozone had to join, the lust is rather behavior. In addition to Sweden, these were Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In contrast to the other countries, which the EU also joined the EU and often the economic conditions do not have, the goods actually surviving Sweden.

According to the result of the survey carried out in April, with 68 percent more than two-thirds, to give up the Swedish Krona and import the euro. 30 percent say that they are very mind. Even though Sweden, as I said, actually committed goods to reverse the euro, then 55 percent of the Swedes ame that this will never happen. 90 percent of Sweden are certainly the certainty that they were performed on personal importance, which in the incorporation is also the attitude of the most among the majority in the other countries.

Even stronger than in Sweden the euro is rejected by the Czechs. 70 percent do not want him as their own preservation. The Poles are not excited, 56 percent refuse him. In both countries, 41 percent ame that he is never introduced.

In the four main countries, however, the attitude is more positive, but enthusiasm can not speak, especially since the approval of the last year has fallen in all states. At 48 percent, almost half of the Bulgarianier is against the euro, the Croats are 47 percent. Only in Hungary is 57 percent a majority for accession to the euro, and the Romanians are 64 percent. There, most of them hope for 37 percent that the euro comes as soon as possible, saying in the Czech Republic or Sweden only 7 or. 8 percent.

In all countries, a majority that the imports of the euro has increased prices with the importation of the euro. A majority is also of the opinion that there is a transaction of abusable price increases. With 67 percent, a two-thirds majority of Sweden believes that their country was losing control of economic policy, even a majority in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Croatia fears this, and in the Hungarians, on the other hand, only 35 percent.

Apparently, I also play a role that with the use of a common safeguard the own country "a part of his identity" Lose Konne. The affirmative 63 percent of Sweden and the Czechs. Only the Hungarians see that with 39 percent clearly calm. Even with the Poles this fears only a gross minority of 44 percent.

Only in Romania a majority of 56 percent ames that a euro import for her personal and for the country would have positive consequences, most skeptical are the Sweden and Czechs. 52 percent of all respondents say that the euro had positive consequences in the countries in which he was introduced. With 43 percent, even more Swedes are this opinion than the opposite with 42 percent. The Czechs are the only ones who see the majority of the negative consequences overweigh in Romania (60%), Hungary (61%) and Poland (54%) view the respondents positive consequences.

It is also interesting that only in Sweden and Czechs a majority believes to be really informed about the euro. But even here only 42 or. 36 percent the correct answer to the question of how many countries already joined the Eurozone. And 53 or. 42 percent were the wrong opinion that the euro munzes are the same for all countries. Similarly, the answer to the same question fell out of the euro seem.

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