Suspected shutdown device at audi a6 and a7

After the exhaust gas fraud in the Volkswagen Group, the Federal Office of Association takes the Group brand Audi’s visor. Due to the suspicion of an inadvertent shutdown device at Audi V6 TDI vehicles of the models A6 and A7, the authority has initiated an official hearing.

The confirmed a spokesman for the authoration on Tuesday (8. May 2018) in Flensburg and the Federal Ministry of Transport. Previously, the mirrors report. In Germany, around 33.000 and a total of around 60 worldwide.000 approved vehicles affected. Audi is scheduled for information of the mirrors have set the production of the cars.

Audi now has the opportunity to explain his view of things. Supported that the vehicles have an inadvertent shutdown device, threatening mandatory backrests, as was already the case with millions of diesel cars. According to the Ministry, the emission-type authorities of the vehicles in Luxembourg have been granted.

According to mirrors should it be audi A6 vehicles with the pollutant class Euro 6. These cars are equipped with a so-called SCR catalyst for reducing the nitrogen oxides. This needed for a smooth function a water urea solution called "AdBlue", which was housed in an additional tank. The urea is injected into the exhaust stream and ensure that the nitrogen oxides are converted into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

So that the customer does not have to refill himself AdBlue, but first the workshop in the next service, Audi has the injection of the cleaning flowability apparently 2400 kilometers before they are increasing strongly throttled. In the time, since the supply of urea is corrected, the SCR catalyst functions for cleaning nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas or only extremely franked. The toxic gas escapes according to the report in high concentrations from the exhaust.

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