Suspected fraud: investigations in toll collect

Suspected fraud: investigations in toll collect

Staff of the toll Operator Toll Collect should have cheated by the state by several million euros. Investigators searched on Wednesday (10. May 2017) The corporate headquarters in Berlin, such as prosecutor and police informed. The authorities have sustained several managers who have estimated the federal government for the expansion of the truck toll on selected covenants in 2012 led costs. In the following years, therefore, the Confederation overlooked too much money to great Collect. The investigators spoke of several million euros damage, the exact high is still determined.

As the resisted announced, a Fruherer staff had brought the investigators to the track. He has filed a display. A Toll-Collect spokeswoman said: "We support the resist with her work."The Federal Ministry of Transport did not want to go to the case. First, Spiegel had reported on the case. Accordingly, the loss of damage should be at least three million euros.

Behind Toll Collect are the majority shareholder of the automakers Daimler and Deutsche Telekom. The company has been collecting the truck toll in Germany since 2005. Currently, a operator for the time of 2018 to 2030 is searched, also great Collect applies. The system built up by Toll Collect has been steady since 2005 for the collection of truck toll on the highways and on 2300 kilometers of federal skills. In 2016, the state took on 4.6 billion euros. The operator allocation is around 500 million euros. Pleasant should also be on the entire, 39.000 kilometers long net of the federal waistband truck toll. This is to bring another two billion euros per year.

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