Supplier bosch between bangen and hope

Bosch Chief Franz Fehrenbach agrees his employees to harsh times because of the economic crisis. He succeeds also difficult challenges on the world-growing car suppliers, said Fehrenbach loudly dpa the employee newspaper Bosch’s tinder. However, the Stuttgart company endeavors to make decisions with EyeMab in conjunction with the employee representatives to secure procurement as far as possible. Around 47,000 employees of the Group in Germany are short-working or have a trooted weekly working time. "If it turns out that there is no soil formation in the second half of the year, we must be the use of short-time thinking". Fehrenbach said all ies had to be limited to the essentials. "Our liquidity and financial independence have the highest priority."Only this creates leeway to successfully develop new products and procedures.

Some optimism then shows Fehrenbach then: He’s first signs for a possible economic stabilization during the year: "The key interest rates are at a depression, the raw material prices have fallen, the exchange rates were commuted to a reasonable level, economic programs were launched worldwide."Support preserves in its association from the German Institute for Economic Research. DIW-Prasident Klaus Zimmermann said loud today dpa in Berlin, that the institute expects the end of the year to expect a slight recovery of the economy, with a powerful upswing is not expected in 2010. He also buried the worldwide economic programs and low raw material prices.

The DIW boss rejects a third stimulus package of the Federal Government in the incidentally despite the expected high school unemployment numbers (as well as preventing the scrapping program). There is not much to be expected and the public households were still heavily burdensed than anyway already. More importantly, it is now to drive the structural change quickly. State aids for individual companies like Opel are "highly problem". That also applies to cursies, "because the state does not come out there," Zimmermann said.

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