Structures with envious factor: architecture in india since 1990

Structures with envious factor: Architecture in India Since 1990

Nalin Tomar House

If the departure in Asia is speech, the looks are almost always on China. India, the West by no means only geographically closer, performs its way into the modernity comparatively unnoticed. In the local perception often reduced to slums and cheap programmers, India besides from a rich and – measured to China – relatively unbreakable cultural history.

How much the huge nation also in the 21. Century benefits from your cultural heritage, the good 300 pages underlines strong picture band "Architecture in India". Author of more than Paid work is Rahul Mehrotra, owner of two architecture Buros in Mumbai and Boston as well as professor for urban design in Cambridge. With 570 illustrations of a wide variety of buildings and interiors, Mehrotra illustrates the enormous bandwidth of architectural styles on the subcontinent.

Some buildings were directly released to a science fiction, such as the library of the Sri Siddhartha Institute in Tumkur constructed from glass trails. Quite different the Devi Gahr Fort Palace in Udaipur: Here shows Mehrotra, such as old, Indian building fabric and modern interior design a surprisingly well-functioning synthesis.

From private living in India, readers of the picture book expertise comparatively little. Although the book shows some interesting examples of private residential buildings, however, it would like to be more insights here. Also from the dark sides of Indian city is hardly something to see – architecture in India is absolutely worth reading.

Architecture in India Since 1990 HRSG. Anette Husch Verlag Hatje Cantz 312 Pages, 570 Colored Pictures Text: English 25 x 30 cm 49.80 Euro ISBN 978-3-7757-3245-1
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