Strange things in the witch forest

"Blair Witch 2" Can be sent to the transaction "Blair Witch Project" indirect

All good things are three – we want to hope at least. Part 2 is definitely for the numerous fans of the "Blair Witch Project" a tower dispatch, although the movie itself is a very neatly robbed and sometimes even quite exciting horror strip. But the unusual charm of the first movie, which, who, called supposedly real video document, paid a strange hospitory (interview with Eduardo Sanchez over the film "Blairwitch Project"), unfortunately, there is no time, although director Joe Berlinger in the US is a well-known and multi-pronounced documentary filmmaking.

Strange things in the witch forest

So then also slipped "Blair Witch 2" (BW2) after the start in the USA already in the second week from the first back to the fold rank of the Kinohitparade. And even the excited debates that first followed the first episode before the theatrical release on the Internet and which have been a cause of his 230 million dollar success worldwide, you are looking for in vain.

Although the official mains side promises all possible "current" Coatings on an even dark serial engine that is somehow involved in the paid witch history, but who believes it becomes blessing. Or is better as alternatively to the meantime unavailable Blair-Witch PC game.

Therefore, it almost seems consistent that the director is only influenced on the oh authentic video wobble images of the first part only in the initial sequences. In them seemingly serios reports how the success of the film has affected the film site, the provincial Kaff Burkittsville, as the residents of camera teams and fans have been besieged and how a true devotional trade has developed around the village witch.

Unfortunately, there will be noble concealed that the real residents have recently incourse the film team of BW2. They did not feel completely wrongfully that their place has now been finalized as a bloodless horror, not only in film history. And blood-indistinct is it in the second in the difference to the first part actually soon to the point.

The focus is on a group of young people who met in an internet chatroom and now under the direction of the local video film Jeffrey (Jeff Donovan) on a Blair Witch Hunt the traces of the witch of Burkittsville and the striking events of the year 1994 ( on which Part 1 is based) pursue.

Already in the first night in the witch forest we had done strange things, and when the quintet wakes up the next morning, he lacks in the memory of fun hours. Even the video cameras, who run all night long, have disappeared, but then suddenly the films appear again. In Jeffreys’s apartment, a blend of warehouse and spook castle, look at the pictures, discover themselves on terrible things – and then is laid back.

The director engages in the old-minded Arsenal from the horror box, shows ritual mords, present ghosts and other mysterious phenomena – and let completely open whether the images are real or only in the imagination of his protagonists. Because BW2, which revealed Joe Berlinger in an interview, is also a film that is the excited discussion about violence, which is supposedly drawn through media consumption, in a mixture of horror movie and thrilli discussion. In this case, in this case, the example of the funf Blair-witch fans who fantasize in the devilish world of their favorite film and thus becomes a murder by what.

A certainly claim, which is difficult to discover in the final witch’s spectacle. But on the last part of this trilogy is already worked, and all good things are known three.

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