Steve wozniak: arger because of youtube

Steve Wozniak: Arger because of YouTube

Steve Wozniak, his sign next to Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne’s Grounder by Apple, Arger has with the Google daughter YouTube – or with fraud providers on the platform.

A scam like on Twitter

There have been running videos for several months, with pictures of "Woz" as well as his name for a bitcoin scam advertising, which is similarly built like that, the short of Twitter’s name. The observers claim to be a prominent person, the intention, to him or they skipped bitcoins "to double". Instead of doing this, simply sash the scammer the digital money.

Wozniak, who still refers a small salary of Apple, is said to have already turned Youtube against tap, but the Google daughter did not respond or not sufficient. For this reason, the lawyers of the Apple Mitbunder now filed a lawsuit against YouTube in front of the State Court in San Mateo County in California. "If users transfer their cryptoco money, this is a transverse transaction, they get nothing back", So Wozniak in an opinion according to the Financial News Agency Bloomberg.

YouTube did not react

In the lawsuit it is called, YouTube asked opposite Wozniaks to take the environmental videos from the platform, "unammering" shown. Similar Scams should also run on YouTube with the names and photos of other technical promis, including Tesla-Boss Elon Musk, for years a favorite of Krypto Fraud, and Microsoft Mitbinder Bill Gates. YouTube continues such scams, competitions and benefit from them, so Wozniak.

Wozniak would like to see damage to Youtube and his parent company damages and a penalty. The Google daughter responded on Thursday on demand from Bloomberg With the statement, you take "Reports about abuse of our platform serious". Youtube have "More than six million videos" in the first quarter took from the platform and almost two million accounts lolled.

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