Start of sale for electric mercedes eqc

As Daimler AG reports, the Mercedes EQC can be ordered now. An official date of sale for the battery SUV is not yet called. The price in the basic version gives the manufacturer with 71.281 euros. By a net base price of less than 60.000 Euro, he was browned for the demand by the German environmental bonus, because Daimler’s greatly attaches value to the statement that the independently of the individual equipment.

First, the EQC 400 4MATIC is probably probably as 84.930 Euro expensive special edition "EQC Edition 1886" sold. Daimler writes it’s the version in which the EQC was first seen at the New York International Autoshow 2019, ie with special equipment and "customer-oriented services around the electromobility".

The usual bloggers of usual MB Passion Calculate with a distribution of the first cars from the end of June. The market import of the other variants should begin in October 2019. As a reason to prefer the Limited Edition for the launch, it is speculated on a slow startup of battery production. But there is no opinion by Daimler.

The obvious hurry could have to do that comparable models of competition are already on the market or shortly before. Audi E-TRON (Driving Report), Jaguar I-Pace (Test) and Tesla Model X (Test) Set the closer environment for the battery SUV.

Automated driving functions

As chargeable options, Daimler calls the "Maintenance Service", a "pickup service", a "vehicle warranty" and the "Convention Package". Further features are the driving assistance package for 2297 euros, which should already offer some automated driving functions, the AMG Line Exterior for 1607 euros as well as the AMG Line interior for 1083 euros. All details show the price list.

The overall performance of the EQC amounts to 300 kW, each an asynchronous electric motor on front and rear axles offer together a torque of a maximum of 760 nm. The EQC should come from the stand in 5.1 seconds to 100 km / h. Defeated the car 180 km / h.

Torque vectoring with the e-four-wheel

Like all four-wheel drive engines in the house also runs the EQC under the name 4Matic. However, in contrast to the four-wheel drive drives of the fossil powered Mercedes models, it is a TTR-4WD. TTR stands for "Through the Road", which means that there is no mechanical power transmission between the axes. Due to a continuously controlled force of power to the individual motors, it can help – mechanically very uncomplicated – improve the driving stability.

The lithium-ion battery holds 80 kWh and brings a range between 445 and 471 km in the obsolete measuring method NEFZ. The charging periods are according to the manufacturer of 10 to 100 percent eleven hours on the wallbox or public charging station with alternating current. Also possible to load a shop at the at the household socket with a maximum of 2.3 kW in almost 41 hours (also from 10 to 100 percent). From ten to 80 percent it should go in 40 minutes on the DC fast load, provided that this 400 volt and minimal 300 A offers.


After EC standard, empty weight, total weight and payload 2495, 2940 and 445 kg. The EQC may still be moved with the current car driver’s license. Its payload is measured on weight to be pushed low. In view of the 625 kg for the battery, however, you can once again consider it as considerable. On the other hand, however, the admitted attachment load of 1800 kg is relatively high. The trunk contents are given with 500 liters.

Auber in the plant Bremen, where production should start, the German-Chinese production joint venture Beijing Benz Automotive Co. Ltd. (BBAC) later this year the production of the EQC for the Chinese market. Father should follow the works of Rastatt, Sindelfingen, Tuscaloosa (USA) and Hambach (France). The batteries for EQC production in Bremen are built by the Daimler subsidiary ACCUMOTIVE at the site Kamenz near Dresden.

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