Starring: g. W. Bush, jr.

Live in the middle – continuation follows?

At Gulf War II in 1991, the world stared at the pictures, which filmed CNN reporters from Rashid Hotel in Baghdad. Now the third Gulf War is in front of the door and the world looks again – in the TV chair. Equately prepared and staged by media professionals "Reality TV" this time even more exciting than in the last season. Pilot movie: the boseweight and the ultimatum.

As George Walker Bush, Prasident of the United States of America at 2 o’clock at our time at the world of the world took a speech to his people, the Iraqis and the world, everything was optimally prepared. The lighting, the camera positions – even his speech was for "Dubry"-Protections almost diplomatic.

Even at the meeting on the Azores on Sunday, Bush had announced that he had a historic speech to think. Time enough for the media to set up – in contrast to his speech from the past Friday (nervome of allors). Well prepared, the German television broadcasters from Ard Ober N-TV to ZDF presented. After a few short players a turn to the correspondent to Washington, an eye always on the lectern. Until the prasident came, and this came point.

The speech was not just a politically significant event: it could be seen in all places in the world with better Internet connections largely live on the Internet and attitudes. Even the wife house itself made a video stream available. But not only that: as a special service for Iraqi friends and those who still want to become, the American Prasident offered a simultaneous-diminished version in Arabic, which was broadcast over the entire Iraq. Saddam Hussein will have mentioned the speech, he and his son should leave Iraq within 48 hours.

"For Their Own Safety, All Foreign Nationals – Including Journalists and Inspectors – Should Leave Iraq Immediately."

Shortly, most of the German correspondents will still stay in Baghdad. Almost every correspondent was considered by presenters of news broadcasts with good wishes sitting in the secure German studio, one should be backed up in time. This time, there will probably be no liver reports from Baghdad, at least as long as it still exists the all-awakening Iraqi Information Ministry. But that was allowed to be the case of a maximum of a few hours of war, it is obvious to the clear primrarians of British and Americans.

"The Terrorist Throat To America And The World Will Be Diminished The Moment That Saddam Hussein is Disarmed."

The aim of the television channels is currently to add the balancing between optimal professional development and security of your employees: stay 48 hours to report from Baghdad. Several hours you need to get from Baghdad to the Safe Amman to Jordan. The pictures that the TV showers will see will be rarely uncut. CNN wants to stay after it has lost the race for an interview with Saddam Hussein this time against CBS. But how to practice his pictures of the world substitute, that remains a secret. Surgical precision will probably lose the Americans with their bombardments unlike 1991 no one more, but the opposite will hardly be reported. Instead, there will be pictures of a trouble-free front, from rocket cameras, which sparks shortly before the goal of their pictures, pictures of cheering US soldiers. We will be almost live – not in the middle of Gluck.

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