“Stand up” plus “indivisible”: publisher better assistance?

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Can demonstrate the two reform coves together? The best protection against the right does not take place on coarse demonstrations

"Solidaritat instead of exclusion – for an open and free society", Is the motto of a for the 13. October planned coarse demonstration. That the press release was published shortly after the events of Chemnitz, on the one hand is coincidence.

On the other hand, Chemnitz is only an expression of a social right-hand prere, which in the call of the covenant "Indivisible" This is called:

There is a dramatic political shift instead of: racism and human contempt become socio. What was still unthinkable yesterday and was considered unspeakable, is a reality shortly thereafter. Humanity and human rights, religious freedom and constitutional state are openly attacked. It is an attack that applies to us all. We do not allow the social state, escape and migration to be played against each other. On the other hand, we consider if basic and freedom rights should be braced further.

Bundism indivisible

That’s a real finding. But the question is, whether the last defenders of the Liberal meeting, the Carole Ehmke for the construction and Jan Bohmermann to the Spab Horene is? The two prominent liberals belonged to the first signals of the collaboration call "Indivisible".

Where are the social rights?

At 13th. October do not just want to go to the strain against racism, but also address other exploits.

We are committed to an open and solidary society, in human rights indivisible, self-resistant in the varied and self-determined life design. We face any form of discrimination and hitting. Together we counteract antimusimic racism, anti-Semitism, anti-agentism, antifeminism and lgbtiq * – enforcement.

Bundism indivisible

In fact, it is important that at times in which a right hegemony in parts of Germany is a reality threatens, those who have suffered from the first to suffer from the first time. But one should not hide the contradictions in the addition of the minorities pursued by the rights. For example, the journalist Birgit Gartner made aware of the violence in several Telepolis contributing from a feminist perspective to the violence that goes out of Muslim maneuver groups.

What is largely hidden in the call is the social vacuum. Finally, you have to mention the in the call "Volume and self-determined life design" also can afford.Many low earners and Hartz IV receptioners with and without wage work have difficulty.

Therefore, it makes sense to combine the fight against racism, anti-fascism and anti-comminism with the fight against social exclusion and vacuum. It is completely misspelled to set up a contrast here, as it is done in some left circles.

In the indivisible call, the social ie is only tailored on the edge: "One wants to defend the welfare state and go to the strain for basic and freedom rights", it’s scarce there. Also the care of care and the apartmentnot are mentioned. However, as the defense of the Social State should look like, it will not be further.

Hartz-IV is not addressed and, of course, there is no capitalism criticism, which is not expected in such a bundry width. It is positive, however, that also social political groups like the blackboard E.V., The unemployed forum and the German tenant association as well as other, socio-politically dedicated organizations part of the federal government are. It would have been useful if some of your claims have been included.

"Stand up" and "Indivisible" associate?

The publicist Matthias Grefrath also criticized in a Taz comment that the indivisible bundis is not socially accentuated socially. He wonders if he has to decide between two carriers – #Un partar and # get up.

"Stand up" , The project of Sahra Wagenknecht and Oskar Lafontaine, can be said that it focuses on the social ie and thus briefly accepted vacuum forms such as racism and anti-comminism, as it happens in the indivisible bundle with social ies.

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