Spacex ‘starship sn10 explodes after landing

SPACEX 'STARSHIP SN10 explodes after landing' starship sn10 explodiert nach landung

Spacex dared on Tuesday (Texas Texas) again a test flight with a starship. Start and flight of the SN10 have been successful. The landing was first managed, although the starship like the leaning tower of Pisa existence. But then the spaceship picked up again, worn by a powerful explosion.

In the live broadcast Spacex ‘had been a fire on the fruze of the spaceship. Automatic firefights occurred in action. The speaker was pleased on a “beautiful gentle landing” and congratulated the workforce. Then the transfer ended.

Starship | SN10 | High-Altitude Flight Test (Source: Spacex)

But several transmissions of third parties continued. That should pay out: when the fire seemed under control, there was a mileably to horny explosion. Driven of it, the spaceship raised about 14 minutes after the actually start again briefly and immediately fell back into the fireball. The cause could be from the tanks of the brake strokes.

Starship SN10 explodes after landing (Source: NasaspaceFlight.COM)

In December, Spacex ‘Starship SN8 was tormented at the landing. It was the first flight of a starship in several kilometers high. At the next start, a month ago, Spacex’s Starship again with the landing. At that time, the Starship SN9 crashed on the floor.

Emigrate to other planets

The aim of the development is a spaceship that can be reusable very quickly and fly up to three times a day or 1000 times a year. One of these spaceships should bring 150 tons of freight to the space or 50 tons of cargo to earth.

Spacex-Grinder Elon Musk believes that its starships are the “fastest way to a self-holding city on Mars”. The billionar stops even traveling to other planets for possibly. First flights with people on board had explored Musk for 2020, which has proven to be too optimistic.

This year, Spacex might send four space tourists around the earth. However, they will not climb a starship, but a room capsule Crew Dragon at the top of a Falcon 9 rocket. The STARSHIP SN11 should be brought “very soon” for the nextest test flight on the starting ramp. After the accident of Tuesday, however, the starting ramp must be snapped, inspected and repaired.


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