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Wolfsburg, 24. February 2015 – The Touran is a phenomenon: Since his presentation before twists, he was only gently changed, most clearly in 2010. Nevertheless, he enjoys a rain demand, which also explains why VW has made a radical step with the now completely new Touran – it was simply not necessary. The sensation arms will be presented on the Geneva Motor Show.

Boredom pure?

MOGEN critics also accuse him a boring design, so pragmatists are rather a small room miracle: at only 4.4 meters long, the current model offers plenty of space. The 4.53 meter long, new Touran has lost up to a good 60 kilograms despite the large body. More than eleven centimeters more than eleven centimeters (wheelbase: 2.79 m) benefit the interior. The seat concept was completely handled and can still be ordered either in seven or funfeaspers configuration. The maximum charging volume is at 1857 liters with flat seats and roofing loads. Driver and front passenger sitting with unchanged 62.5 centimeters over the strain significantly increases, which opposes overview and safety spirit. The seats of the second row can be moved by 20 cm in the long, the leaning tendency being variable in three stages.

Stronger base

The engines are all known from other corporate models. As a basecetziner serves a 1.2 TSI with 110 hp. We fell in the Gulf in the Gulf and were made of consumption and excessive development. More than sufficient temperament, however, this machine does not offer in the Gulf, in touring she was still a little harder. Similarly, for the weakest diesel was allowed to apply with 110 hp. We have already driven him last year.

The middle class form a gasoline and a diesel, each with 150 hp. Especially the diesel probably becomes a popular engine in Touran, despite the expected surcharge against the base machines. Both offer significantly more reserves, which makes it more comfortable at full loading. For the gasoline, VW promises 5.4 liters in the NEFZ – is more economical, at least in the cycle, not even the basecians.

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