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Parma, 29. February 2016 – Parma is located about 100 kilometers sudtoslingly from Milan in the PO level, its surroundings is not necessarily classic leader for all-wheel vehicles. Kraxeln was not announced this time, because Subaru invaded the presentation of the working models Impreza and XV. The new thing: Finally, there are the two uneven brother again with comparable 2.0-liter engines, so we compare.

Sophisticated watchlist

What pierced in Germany as a 2017 model year is elsewhere in the market. In Switzerland, for example, the "Facelift" models have been offered since Fruh Year 2015. According to SUBARU-GERMAN BUILDER DANTRATH, the limited arrival in this country also states that Subaru continues to grow in its largest US market and the production in Japan is barely behind. 583.000 vehicles were 2015, this year it should be more than 600.Be 000. In Germany, 6549 copies were admitted last year, the crass contrary explains the different priorities. Anyway: The new models should help push the co-numbers of the XV a bit and bring the Impreza back to the bean. Because he was last only with 1.6 liters in the price list and was a very rare guest in the Zulangsstatistik.

Yes, the Facelift is one, for example, XV and Impreza now send chrome clamps on the lower jaw, without the chrome jewelery one hardly recognized as such. More important are the many substantial changes that Subaru reports. For example, there is an improved amusement damper and improved interior materials. In fact, the vehicles are rattle-free and the interior ambience is hardly less preberly than that of a VW Golf apart from some loops. Although this does not reach clinical qualitative appearance, then SUBARU does not reach, but except for the shaky, cheap seat adjustment is all basic.

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