Software integrate web applications in the frontend

Software- Integrate web applications in the frontend

Integrate web applications together, how is the? Daruber speaks Eberhard Wolff’s colleague Lisa Moritz in this episode of software architecture.TV with Franziska Darsart, Joy Heron and Lucas Dohmen. Lisa Moritz is known to the master audience through its sketching with Eberhard Wolff’s episodes, this time she sits with the gastles in front of the camera. The four discuss why software architects want to combine web applications together with each other. The round presents various approaches, while the integration in the frontend is in focus.

When charisming this episode of software architecture.TV is not there no second stream with live sketching with live sketching, as the sketching machiner herself leads the interview.

The broadcast will find tomorrow, Friday, 30. July 2021 at 12 o’clock (CET) live, the result is ready afterwards as recording. During the live stream, questions via Twitch or YouTube chat, via Twitter on @ Teapot4181 or to @ewolff or anonymous with the form on the video Cast website.

Software architecture.TV is a video cap by Eberhard Wolff, Blogger and Podcaster heise developer and well-known software architect in services of the IT consulting company Innoq. The software architect Lisa Moritz, Senior Consultant at Innoq, accompanies the video cap with sketching and stands for selected consequences as a guest or interviewer itself in front of the camera. Far over 60 episodes have been created since June 2020, which illuminate different areas of software architecture – sometimes with gastles, malff solo, occasionally represented by Lisa Moritz. Since a year binds heise developer the over the youtube streamed new episodes each in the online channel, so viewers from the heise media can follow the video cap.

Further links result can be found on the website for video cap.

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