Software ag: more order intake, but sales and profit fall

Software AG: more order intake, but sales and profit fall

In the second quarter, Darmstadter Software AG has recorded a significant increase in past earnings compared to the previous year in the second quarter, and at the same time, sales decreased by three percent of € 210 million in the previous year to 204.6 million euros, the Group announced on Wednesday. Among them, the profit suffered, because the sacked on the bottom of more than a third at all 21.7 million euros.

The newly obtained appearance, which were adopted by all divisions and adopted highly, the Software AG did not yet balance in the second quarter, which according to the MDAX Group, according to the executive report, a total of the balance sheet. This also applies to the future division Cloud IoT. Although the Group here with 39 percent recorded a significant increase in new orders, but the turnover of 10.4 million euros was liable under the previous year’s sales of 12.8 million euros.

With Software-AS-A-Service (SaaS), the Group achieved sales of 7.3 million euros, an increase of 36 percent year-on-year. The license revenue decreased from 5.7 million euros last year to 1.1 million euros. Software AG funds that no order was available compared to the same period of the previous year with immediately booked licensing share.

Impact of the conversion of the elsewhere

Also in the Digital Business Platform (DBP) business area (without cloudiot), sales were back, which is due to the transition of the closed model to subscriptions to subscriptions. Although order intake increased to 31 percent and the number of subscriptions to 82 percent, but the revenues could not yet be reported. They therefore fell from € 97.5 million in the same quarter of the previous year to 96.3 million euros in the second quarter 2020.

At about the level of the same quarter of the previous year, it ran in the business area Adabas Natural (An). Two "Greater pre-drawn appearance" For a higher order intake with an increase of 31 percent. Here, sales were 52.4 million euros, in the previous year, there were still 53 million euros.

Positive half-year

Overall, Software AG’s first half of the year, together with the first quarter of 2020, is valuable: sales increased slightly from € 411.4 million to € 411.7 million. Order intake grew a total of 30 percent. The forecast for the incoming orders of the entire business year and the Software AG retains. Accordingly, they should grow by up to 10 percent in the DBP (without Cloudiot), in Cloud IoT between 20 percent and 40 percent, in the business area at a maximum of 3 percent. In operating profit (EBITDA, NON-IFRS), the Group expects an increase between 20 percent and 22 percent.

In stone, however, this prognosis is not how software AG emphasizes, because the economic recovery from the corona crisis trap in individual regions differently, which precise statements are difficult to do.

The stock reached an increase of about 6.9 percent on Wednesday morning and reached a value of 40.20 euros. Thus, the paper has recovered from the Corona crisis and the low of Marz and is now in the highest value since November 2018.

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