Smart home: projects with the raspberry pi

Smart Home: Projects with the Raspberry Pi

With the one-board calculator Raspberry Pi manages the surrounding of your TV class to a smart streaming station: Advanced with a Raspi 4 and the Multimedia Distribution Librreelec Get access to online video services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. In the new make we show how to set up the Open Source Software Kodi, streaming plug-ins installed and the controller with the TV remote control makes possible.

Expensive and proprietary smart home solutions are enough – how were it with the open and still free platform Openhab instead? In the workshop, we explain how to set up an Openhabian on the PI and set up a graphical user interface. For this we are conducting through two practical examples: a radio thermostat control station and the automation of window rollos.

Further topics in the magazine

In addition to the Raspi, in the Make 3/20, many of the Arduino is used – such as our drop timer for outdoor photos or the decorative burth thermometer, who warns the work of the bathing thing. And there is a detour to resin prere, because even at 3D printing with resin are stutz structures upgrade. We show the most important manual procedures for the prints to start right away.

Order quickly to the kiosk or online

These and other articles can be found in the new ie 3/20 of the make, which is online today and on the kiosk. With one of our subscriptions, the booklet was already in the mailbox. Until 18. June you can order the make comfortable and free shipping on the Heise Shop. If you prefer to read the make Digital, you can use this in our apps for iOS and Android or in the PDF version from the Heise Shop. Online you will also find the table of contents of the make 3/20.

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