Skimming: damage through data claw at atms at record low

Skimming: Damage through data claw at ATMs at record low

The damage due to data claw at ATMs in Germany fell to a record low in 2020. At about 1.06 million euros, the Frankfurt setup Euro card systems quantifies the gross sum of the damage due to so-called "Skimming", So the sparking of map data and secret number (PIN).

In 2019, the "Skimming"-Damage in Germany still amount to a little more than 1.4 million euros. In 2013, it was 11.3 million euros, 2012 as in 2011 even 34 million euros. The financial sector leads the ruckle mainly on investment in the so-called EMC technology back: The payment cards are equipped with a processor chip, the card is recommended for every use for authenticity. Germany has been based on this technique for years.

Banks usually replace damage

From January to including December 2020 criminals according to the information of Euro card systems nationwide 152 times ATMs to get to data from bank customers. The year before it had 245 such "Skimming"-Trap. Individual machines have been attacked several times. In the past year, data operations hit mainly in North Rhine-Westphalia (44 trap), Hessen (33) and Lower Saxony (20).

Consumers in Germany, the victims of "Skimming" have normally failed to have no financial disadvantage. As a rule, financial institutions replace such damage – aming the customers are carefully handled with their bank card and PIN. Thanks to international agreements, the local banking industry can now resume almost the entire damage meters. For damage from fruitful farms with stolen map data, the countries have to emerge with the lowest safety standards.

Theft of payment cards increases

Basically, card foldings can only be used there, where payment cards are still outlined with relatively slightly copying magnetic strips and readings are designed in stores on magnetic strips. In 2020, card reliefs based on data formed in this country were used primarily in India (around 35 percent damage), the US (26.6 percent) and Indonesia (15.4 percent).

For years of major damage, in Germany have come together for years due to theft and loss of payment cards. Regional euro card systems registered an increase in 10 last year.839 (previous year: 10.790) Trap. Gross shot through loss and theft of cards rose from around 14.6 million euros to nearly 15.7 million euros. Many consumers make it criminals easy because they keep card and pin together in the purse despite all the warnings.

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