Shortly informed: mobile network, online advertising, train, wood

Shortly informed: mobile network, online advertising, train, wood

Fourth mobile network

The expansion of a fourth mobile network in Germany can start: 11 drill has adopted a contract offer of his competitor Telefonica Germany for a national roaming, shared the company on Monday. Until May, last contract details are to be clarified, but the agreement is already binding. Drillish attorney to the United Internet Group and had in 2019 spectrum for the 5G mobile radio standard. This wants to drill his customers via their own antennas. For 2G, 3G and 4G cooperates drill with Telefonica.

Shortly informed by Our Site · Short informed 15.02.2021: Mobile network, online advertising, train, wood

Tax on online advertising

Maryland is the first US state a separate tax "Removals derived from online advertising" introduced. Digital tax is intended to make rough corporations. The more total turnover a company makes, the high the tax rate. From 15 billion dollar total sales are ten percent. Now follow judicial processes, because the legal text is kept very short and let numerous questions open. Critics of the law announce that the tax would lead to higher prices for companies and consumers in Maryland, not to a narrower of profits gross corporations.

Online refund at the train from July

From the summer, the moving guest of Deutsche Bahn should apply for train loss and delays also online a refund. So far this is only analog: you have to make a corresponding form and send it by mail. That should be concluded. "In this June we will offer our customers digital reimbursement options", said passenger traffic board Berthold Huber of the DPA. However, the online refund is only part of a wide broader digital conversion of the railway systems. By 2023, the train wants to rebuild the digital channel for the passenger.

Transparent wood for interior

Pure Wood currently finds many friends in the construction industry. With new methods, the strength of wood can be increased so much that it can compete with steel and titanium alloys with small weight and cost. Now wood researchers from the University of Maryland go one step further: they developed a process to transform Dunne wood panels into a transparent material, reports Technology Review. In a pilot test was a transparent, dark wooden board of 20 centimeters long. The wood dear more than 90 percent of the visible light spectrum.

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