Shortly informed: dsgvo, microlino, social networks, mgm

Shortly informed: DSGVO, Microlino, Social Networks, MGM

Three years DSGVO

For three years, the European Privacy Policy Regulation has been applicable – short DSGVO. "Privacy rules was unified Europe and is the right decision", Easy to declare the annual day of the prasident of the IT association Bitkom, Achim Berg. The previous balance sheet also shows: The complex law has missed its most important goal to harmonize the legal framework and application practice in data protection throughout Europe. This is at too many open clauses, "the national special ways can be measured". Also network policy.Org criticizes that in particular the supervisory authorities in Ireland and Luxembourg, which were feathered for the coarse fish in the tech pond like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, and the European voting procedures were shy.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 25.05.2021: DSGVO, Microlino, Social Networks, MGM

Microlino should debut on IAA

The electric car developer Microlino sees its timetable and expects to show the production version of its city car in Munchen for the coming IAA in September in September. The third prototype of the Swiss company should be completed in a few days with all-rounded interior and new folding roof. The organizers of the IAA confessed recently that the fair will take place as planned despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Florida prohibits social networks blocking politicians

The US state of Florida has prohibited social networks to block candidates and candidates for public officials than 14 days. The law is a direct answer to the procedure of Twitter, Facebook Co. Against the former US President Donald Trump. His accounts had been blocked in all important networks at the beginning of the year after the operator companies have accused, directly or indirectly called the attack on the US Capitol. Criticism of the law comes not only from the corporations and Democrats, also Burgerrellerinnen and Burgerrellers keep it long, because it does not require freedom of expression secure, but businesses an opinion. Contemporarily, there is far from the fact that the law ends rapidly in front of the courts.

Amazon grabs according to MGM

Amazon.Com is shortly before recovering the Hollywood studios MGM Holdings. The Wall Street Journal reports from a purchase price of nearly $ 9 billion US dollars, including usage of debt. For the first time, a streaming provider could take a big player from the movie business, which had his start still in the time of mute films.

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