Sex content on reddit remain allowed

Sex content on reddit remain allowed

At RedDit, content is allowed around sex and should remain. This envision made CEO Steve Huffman in an interview with the news page Axios. Sex is universal and "a topic, the discussions on- and offline often do not meet." It is alleging when people share stories and pictures. Reddit wanted to support a differentiated handling of sex and be a secure place.

Since pornography but also be exploive to be and this content, the reddit is not wool, the lotchpraxis is much harder than those in platforms, which have generally pronounced relatives and banish everything. In Tumblr, numerous communities had found themselves who exchanged themselves on topics such as fetishes, eroticism and sex work, as well as LGBTQ activists met – until the platform began to break such content. However, there was also massive complaints that even representations of child abuse could be found. After the general sex spell followed the membership.

Nudity in context

Reddit boss Huffman says in the video, the own point of view, to allow certain contents and only those who are discriminatory or punishable, complicate the situation of the moderation. You have to make difficult decisions stood up, instead of being called to the ban on the prohibition.

Facebook and the associated companies, for example, go so far that almost any form of nudity is prohibited. Therefore, at the first fall of the Oversight Board control panel, a contribution that should be created with naked breasts for breast cancer. The posting was locked immediately. The committee decided that naked breasts are allowed in this context.

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