Service: ddos attacks on websites

Russian hackers offer price list: Putin’s website lame, costs only 1000 dollars from Microsoft $ 80000

Difficult to tell if the story is true or not. The Russian daily newspaper Wedemosti reports that a hacker group offers, on behalf and of course against payment websites to attack and lamb. Interesting on the offer is also the pricing.

The group with a long-term "work experience" offers interested parties to lame any website for 150 dollars per day. Even those who want to spend less money can find an offer on the staggered price list to harm a competitue or to achieve someone. Turning off the functionality of a website is also offered for 6 hours at a price of 60 US dollars.

The problem of offering for those interested is of course that he is not after the "service" must pay, but should make advance payment. This suggests that the alleged hacker group probably only appealed to the money. An employee of Wedemosti received an email with the offers of this group: "We are pleased to offer you a qualitary service to turn off websites. We can put every website lame with our DDOs attacks."

The journalist has registered his interest and written. An answer came from a Doz, who explained, he kone every website, also lay those of Microsoft, Lahm. Even if it could probably be bad, he showed himself ready to see the website of Microsoft for 80.000 US dollars per week to lay lame. For the same service to the website of the Russian Prasident Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, demanded only 2.000 dollars and then love them 1.000 dollar down the week. Apparently, this seems less interesting and easier to be, probably the risk is smaller than in Microsoft – the company offers high prize money for information – depressed, access to be tracked.

Doz even offered some recommendations of "Customers" of the alleged hacker service provider. A regrets that you are 4.000 dollars pay must, but you have no competitors anymore. So far, in Russia, however, nobody has been pursued and punished if he has only carried out DDOs attacks, penalties were only if this was associated with other offenses.

The tools for exporting DDOS attacks can be found easily on the Internet. They can also be used without gross knowledge of script kiddies. From political cyber activists, DDOS attacks were always used again to paralyze websites (mild punishment for Al-Jazira hackers). Also for eliminating competition DDOS attacks were started (spammers force their opponents into their knees, to the Erpreng was threatened with them). With the mydoom worm, a DDOs attack on Microsoft should be executed at the beginning of the year. Maybe this came from Russia.

For the first time, DDOS attacks achieved coarse attention in 2000, as some major websites such as Yahoo or eBay temporarily failed (ecommerce websites paralyzed). It was convicted of a 15-year-old).

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