Scripal: according to the british security consultant, there is no indications of the taders

Scripal: According to the British security consultant, there is no indications of the taders

It is characterized, last case Netanjahus "proofs", The strategy, before any confirmation or refutation by authorities or international organizations such as the OPCW or IAEA "Alternative facts" enforce political interests

Telepolis had uplifted amazement why the Scripal case has largely disappeared from the media, although it is by no means clarified. So far, only debt assignments of the British Government who have joined the US and other NATO countries such as Germany without no longer evidence as supposed plausibility.

Looking at the alleged poison gas attack in the Syrian Douma, which served as unproven, a vorter right "Retaliation attack" on Syrian goals from the TRIO USA, France and Great Britain, then the Israeli Minister Presenter Netanyahu appears in the series (Netanjahu relies on pictures for escalation: "Iran Lug"To). Governments have taken the allegation of the alleged Russian information war and now continued him. Striking is that international organizations such as the OPCW and now the IAEA will be seated – and thus independent expert examinations that do not seem to be bought.

The recipe had already prepared the United States with Greater Britain in the preparations for the Iraq war. The reports of the UN inspectors were practiced as well as the United Nations. One "Coalition of the willing" replaced the "International Community", Fabricated evidence gave the war base. Follow this was not for those responsible. Similarly, this was the Scripal case, which served to encircle the escalation with Russia through expulsion of diplomats in front of the OPCW report and to bombing Syrian goals after the supposed toxic gas attack, although the OPCW inspectors had started working.

In the case of Israel, the government is exposed to the IAEA reports and suggests an allegedly further ongoing nuclear weapons program Iran, without providing documents. The IAEA responded and explained, since 2009 – so long before the Atom Agreement – no evidence has been preserved that Iran operates an atomic weapon program.

The scheme is clear, you have learned in terms of psychological operations or strategic information. Is important, first and with full fountain of allegations, best with pictures, to contribute to defaming an opponent. Even if the allegations later than not durable or misprede, there are irreversible consequences in motion, after whose admission a declaration no longer plays. Hangen remains of false messages or "alternative facts" always something. This is how politics is operated, often enough with the participation of many media.

In the Scripal case, where the British government continues to lock out the victims recovering or recovering, it has now become clear that the police – in contrast to politics – has no indications of the tatter yet. The British government is rapidly pretended with the claim that there is allegedly no alternative to the Russian team. Now the British Security Consultant Mark Sedwill in Parliament had to surrender that neither the police nor the secret services know who is responsible for the attack with the nervoy. The OPCW only speaks of one "toxic chemical" and one "suspected nervy".

Asked by a Member, Sedwill said in the Defense Committee of the Unterhaus, whether he knows the responsible for the attack: "not yet." Sedwill, who coordinates the work of British intelligence services, did not explain the for the British Government. It is clear that the British Government is farailed with its debt polling – and that Germany and France, greedy after new European and transatlantic unity, have agreed against the enemy of Russia, from political interests out. That Sedwill did not even say what footers follow the police and intelligence services, it was allowed to prove that it is not good about the position of the government.

Previously, Sedwill had explained to support the allegations of the British Government, intimate intelligence information, according to which in Russia has tested the application of Nowichok to Turgriffen and monitor the email accounts of scrips since 2013 (British government is nervous and published others "proofs"To).

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