Schooner shopping: eat shop drink

Schooner Shopping: Eat Shop Drink

Architecture Now! Eat Shop Drink

The title of this picture band leads, factually correct as he may be, in the wrong. Chandelier considered Eat Shop Drink undoubtedly guests, shopping centers and shops. If you have a little bladdened in the book, however, will hardly want to use such profane concepts.

Philip Jodidio, experienced author widely careful works for architecture, shows in Eat Shop Drink a smart choice of interesting, sometimes amazing works of more than five architecture Buros. Among them are also some names known not only insiders, such as the Danen Bjarke Ingels ("Big"), the filmmaker David Lynch or the British David Chipperfield.

So international as the architects are also the place presented by Jodidio. Berlin about this is represented with the restaurant Workalicious, Hong Kong with the billiard bar Tazmania Ballroom and Sao Paulo with the fashion shaft Triton Store. However, places or nations seem interchangeable, most of the rooms and buildings shown in EAT Store Drink were equally well in opposite angles of the world.

Cultural Pessimists may apply that as a further indication of a loss of identity and diversity. Others are more likely to be pleasing about the remarkable richness, modern formal language. The objects shown are by no means only faded. The hard futurism of the Smartphone stores in Tokyo designed by Atsusho Muroi and Hattori Kimitaro, for example, some people were allowed to quench as invite. A really strong, if perhaps something scary fascination may not be denied his strict forms but by no means.

As a crash counterpoint, for example, the lobby of the Portuguese Hotel l’and Wineyards remains in mind. In the game with style elements of the Fruhzen sixties, there is a successful connection from defined design concepts and relaxed couse. Even the rather bulky well-known filmmaker David Lynch apparently has no shy away from simple well-being factor. The interior of the Paris Club Silencio, not least through the warm color plenty of gold golden gold golds, conveys some security. Which in consideration quite amazingly high prices, however, the few are ever examined on the spot.

Eat Shop Drink to reduce drawing luxury or borderline designs, however, would be completely wrong. The convenient majority of the places shown is inviting and attracts with often unfamiliar, but above all interesting design. In addition, the informative accompanying texts convey a lot of background knowledge and thus a basis for the conscious examination with the refreshingly varied design concepts.

Architecture Now! Eat Shop Drink Philip Jodidio Bags Verlag 416 Pages, Texts English, French, German 20 x 25 cm 29.99 Euro ISBN 978-3-8365-3440-6
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