Saarland election: the germans in shockstarre

Conclusion seems to be: no experiments, after Trump already not anymore

The election outlet in Saarland does not do anything good. The Germans seem when we once loses from the Saarlanders to all Germans to have fallen away from changes. They remain in the shockstarre in the cowle and obviously want everything to stay at the old and the world over them, in the wars and terrorism, poverty and unemployment prevail, in Germany for most, do not for all, an island the stabilitation remains. Even the dissatisfaction of the AFD really wants to get the island. A majority will find the economic situation in Germany well, 85 percent say your personal economic situation is good. So blob no muck, even a spring can drive in the downfall.

More than 40 percent have voted for the CDU and thus also for the Minister Presenter Kramp-Karrenbauer. This repeats what has been shown in the last state elections: the Wahler stick to your governments or. To your ministerial prospectors and the coalition parties. If you’ve not driven the cart in the dirt, should continue to go on, it can only be worse.

Jorg Scharenborn (ARD) believes that the election result ultimately has the policy of coalition confirmed, people are "Too satisfied for a change of power". He lies system-compliant, could one say wrong. People are not too satisfied, they are too fearing before the future, which is why they gave the internal compensation mechanics of CDU and SPD, which guarantees standstill.

You had to believe that with all the protest elements, which the AFD made a lot done for a while, and that with the Schulz euphoria in the SPD a will showed a will to try something new, whether right now or left of Merkel and the coalition. But wild dreams, the German hits the German in a safe stub when it comes to the decision and the likelihood of real change arises, is stepped up quickly on the brake. Dafur then have also gone much more than the last time to the urn to leave the dissatisfaction not the field and the conservatives in the sense of continuing to strong.

Choice winner Kramp cartauer explained, she has such a result "Do not imagine in the Kuhnsten Dreams". Although the option red-red had been discussed rather behavior of SPD and Left Party, but they were fearful, as now it shows that the time is still not in the west for which the burger is still in fear of the "red socks" lives because they dangerous the economy, D.H. could make even worse for many. Only no experiments have remained the motto after the excitement of 2015 has subsided and began beyond the Atlantic, which preserved protest vills with populist politicians. Then rather Kramp cartauer as Double from Merkel as a change with uncertain output.

After all, the AFD has lost momentum, the protest only a few likes to make a breakthrough. Probably Trump and his alternative facts have also cost the AfD votes. The fact that Grune and FDP have no chances and the Left Party suffered despite the popular Oskar Lafontaine pubes are poor prospects for the steady opposition parties – and overhead of the opposition.

The Wahlers do not want to change, they want the rough coalition, that everything is sacrificed, which does not fit into the black-red middle – whether right, bourgeo-liberal, bourgeo-grun or left. The Union-Wars was 94 percent satisfied with the coalition, the SPD-Wahler to 68 percent. On average, 70 percent, so much black-red chubed – and the SPD-Wahlers did not want to change.

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