Munchen, 15. April 2016 – At the beginning of a motorist life, the time seems to be infinite. That time, in the jacks like "Life is too short for cars with front drive" as close as thoughts about a "pampersbomber" far. The priorities sometimes are sometimes suddenly, which is not only a matter of age. With more than a child in the middle of a coed town, the ratio of external decreases and space is an important criterion. Finally, you will be happy about every centimeter, for the one you do not have to search for in the evening. Since the end of front-wheeler minibuses such as the significantly more short Mitsubishi L300, no vehicle cars answered this question as convincing as a minivan. Despite a total declining attributable numbers, a small van for families is still a first choice. Market operators have been the VW Touran for many years, although he has just not justified this trust in the first years of quality and reliability. In the past year he was first put on a new platform. With this VW has left a plenty of time, the core of the first tourans from 2003 comes from the first tour. In the automotive era, this is incredibly long what suggests that a lot has changed. But this amption was only partially confirmed in our test.

No matter

Hardly anyone was probably allowed to buy a touring from visual grounds. The process was pragmatic, the new one is it too. The form arranges completely the function below, which fits a car of this class. To pour the car the charm of an empty washing line, sounds pretty unfair, but he will never become a matter of the heart of the matter. The box form quite advantages: Since she was never fashionable, it does not anticipate optically as fast. In addition, the Touran offers more space than comparable long combi – much more space.

More room

The second tourans is about 11 cm long than his process. This increase was almost completely invested in a long wheelbase. Already in the process, there was no lack of space, and the new one is again clear again. People with long legs will register to push the front seats a few inches further backward. A colleague of mine has secured one of the last old tourans, the difference is clearly remember: There I find no seating position that makes me permanently happy. In the new one is not a problem. The rear seats can also be adjusted in a wide range. More space offers no one in this class, for a significantly coarse space you had to grab a bus like the T6.

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