Riots in athens

Riots in Athens

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Corona Mabs and Anger: Sustained police arrive at protests of the memorial to the student uprising

As expected, in Athens expects the tension of the past days in an escalation. Left parties and groups tried to perform demonstration or commemorative events in compliance with the hygiene and distance rules, traditional occasion for Dafur was the on the part of the former militar government bloody degraded student uprising of the 17th. November 1973.

The police, on the other hand, put the announcements of the Burger Protection Ministry with Brutal hard. Yesterday’s mediation attempts remained unsuccessful. An urgent application against the absolute, limited to three days, nationwide assembly ban failed in front of the state-owned Senate of the State Council.

The company must fall its judgment

The government is now trying to blame the protesters in advance for a further escalation of the epidemiological situation.

"Syriza, the KKE (Communist Party) and Mera25 (Varoufakis) had the opportunity to show these days that their top duty is the protection of public health. Instead, they have determined themselves from party political reasons that it was the right time to make a front against the government. Finally, the only thing she managed to form a front against society. We give them the company so that they have the verdict", With this statement, which was also sent to the accredited correspondents, the ruling NEA DIMOKRATIA commented the events.

In addition to water windows and Tranengas, the police set a new unit, the Omada Diachirisis Kai Oriothetisis Synathriseon (ODOS). She stepped up together with the Mat, Ymet and slides police units. The police were sustained with one hundred new motorcycles and a new patrol wagon fleet. A total of 778 new vehicles were purchased under Mitsotakis alone in the current year for the police.

The government also rusts the police penalty strongly. In October alone, there was a tender for the setting of 2500 city policemen. The Burger Protection Ministry wrote in November 1500 places for deployment policemen.


In addition to the all-year remembrance day to the student uprising, anger has also been raised because of this government decisions. Because in the medical field Mitsotakis has broken up despite the pandemic. The care gates is now, with just under 450 intensive care stations alone for Covid19 patients, unautical.

For this reason, doctors and care associations also called for protest. For another frustration, there are substantial restrictions of labor law, which should also apply beyond the Corona period, ensure further frustration in the middle of the pandemic.

In particular, the demonstrations to prevent demonstrations, the police promise undertaken to the Burger Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidi with a decree of the corresponding string articles for three days, and adopted a verbal ban.

Massive protests made sure that Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis tried on Monday, the waves to smooth. He suggested the chairman of the Combined parliamentary parties, but MOGE lay together with the state pradder a wreath at the main building of the technical university of Athens. The wreath had to have Mitsotakis on the morning of the 17. Lay alone, because nobody wanted to look at him. Immediately after the wreath thing, he traveled to the state visit to the United Arab Emirates.

The lawyer of Athens, who also wanted to lay a wreath, was prevented from the police despite the struggling exercises of the prime minister who hindered such a symbolic act.

The police

5.000 Policemen were for the 17. November in Athens against the demonstrations in use. They were brought from the entire country to Athens. Not only in Athens, but throughout the country Left parties and autonomous had organized events despite the assembly ban. The police were brutally before.

The police report writes, "The KKE gathered about 200 people in front of the subway station on the Athenian Opera to go to the American Embassy. The police did not allow it. The persons came with misleading SMS". Except for the parliamentarians, which are actually hindered loudly and also according to the infection protection laws in their movement, the incident participants for leaving the apartment had sent one of the prescribed SMS with another purpose of the central server of the government. However, there is no number of characteristics allowed to leave the house for participation in a political event.

Videos, also the state news agency AMNA show that the policemen in their actions plur the hygiene rules and demonstrators who held themselves to the distance rules. Finally, the policemen prevented parliamentarians, which were on the road to walk the traditional way of memorial demonstrations individually,. The KKE faction speaker Thanassis Pafilis was torn the shirt by the police.

Which were detained in the demonstrations, without any distance rules, locked in cells. Access to drinking water was denied them. "Drink from the cloister", Tell them the Warter. According to Burger Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis, all arrested and arrested in addition to the possible criminal proceedings Bub money decisions over 300 euros for breaches against the infection protection measures.

In addition, Chrysochoidis may proceed against the parties, which on the 17th. November have held events. He already announced that the all-year demonstrations or events to commemorate the policemen murdered Schuler Alexis Grigoropoulos on 6. December will be banned.

Chrysochoidis own ratio for pandemies protection is ambivalent. The policemen renounced mouth and nasal protection for coarse part. They did not stop any distance rules. The officials do not have to consequences fears.

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