Right chats in police: investigators want 12.750 numbers check

Right chats in police: Investigators want to check 12,750 numbers

After rights WhatsApp chats in the police in Mulheim / Ruhr want the investigators 12.750 phone numbers from the cell phones of the suspicious. This enforced a spokesman for the NRW Ministry of the Interior on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. SWR and "WAZ" had reported before.

Search for connections in the right scene

According to the media reports, the investigators had the special construction organization "Janus" The so-called mass data query to the state-owned preamble protection, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the Landeskriminalamter (LKA) and also customs or police presits. All should check until last Sunday, whether they have one of the numbers in their systems. The special investigators interested according to their cover letter, whether the owners of the numbers have ever appeared in connection with politically motivated crimetat from the right. The Bao "Janus" Is based on neutrationality in the police preservation Bochum.

The results of the rough query were initially unknown. The NRW Ministry of Interior has requested a report for the LKA NRW of the LKA NRW, whether the maaking was criticized.

Last year, the police in Mulheim / Ruhr, which are attention to the Prasidium food, were listed several WhatsApp groups in which partially right-wing extremists and racist content were exchanged. More than 20 police officers are still suspended.

Four-digit number of violism

In the mass data query classified as confidential, it is loud "WAZ", that it "To a four-digit number of possible violations within the meaning of §§ 86a and 130 StGB" go. Paragraph 86a represents the "Using License Plates Previous Organizations" such as swastika, Hitlergrub or Nazi Runes under punishment, paragraph 130 intervenes in cases of popular commitment.

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