Reserved tradition: oppositely outstanding treatments

Reserved tradition: oppositely outstanding treatments

Russelsheim, 25. January 2010 – we are located in a damrrig lit underground car park on the Opel plant landing in Russelsheim. However, we did not invite us to entail some secret project. We expect a Mazda RX-8, a MINI Clubman and a Rolls-Royce Phantom. They all have a feature with the new Opel Meriva together.


The second generation of the Meriva comes to the market in the summer of 2010 with this unusual ture construction. In the absence of too much competition, it is a show when the tarn opens at the counterclockwise and also pretty exclusive. At least that has the Meriva with the Uber 400.000 euro expensive rolls-royce-phantom together. But for pragmatic customers do not pay alleged exclusivity, but simply the easier get out of the fund passengers. Why Opel pretends us competing models with similar technology is obvious: the comparison with the partly very different solutions is a nice opportunity to promote your own dealer concept.

Wizards of the horse-drawn carriages

Already in the early days of the automotive construction, many vehicles had pushed on the back – a wing of the horse-drawn carriages. Already over 100 years in front of the Meriva there was 1904 with the 16/18 hp motor vehicle "SYSTEM DARRACQ" An Opel with oppositnal stables. The first four-star car of the Russelsheimer with behind-mounted trees was then the sedan 10/45 hp from 1925. At the end of the 1930s, the fourth cadet and the Admiral offered – at the limousine as in the fourth course Cabriolet – Coaches. Also the popular Capitan had in the years 1938 to 1953 on the C-Saule fortified fonds.

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