“Remote everything”: microsoft onedrive gets new features

The Dark Mode draws in Microsoft’s Onedrive Web version. But that’s just one of the new features that gets the cloud storage service. Overall, the organization, sharing and editing files should be improved and facilitated.

This year was surprised by two words – "Remote Everything", Write Microsoft in a blog post. Work, conferences, the school of children, social meetings, all pass online and thus prevail the digital transformation in both professional and private area. Onedrive therefore receives more functions both for business users as well as more possibilities for use at home.

Share light contents

On this month, business customers should be the public preview function "Add to Onedrive" come. So that shared folders are uploaded directly, including those who are related to sharing, or content that are in common libraries in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. The files divided by other parts can then edit everyone than his. Everything subjected to the security and compliance requirements of Microsoft. This function is automatically activated, administrations can be interrupted.

Teams are equal to sharing and access control to other Microsoft applications. Soon files can also be shared above links, which can be sent to both other employees in the company and people from private chats.

The synchronization of metadata in Onedrive is extended by write rights, previously only read rights. If files are shared and shifted afterwards, other users may lose access. This goes on the end of the summer, then there is the option to postpone the release for other users when moving content. You get a link and the note where the file is now.

More for everyone, more for admins

From now on, each OneDrive and SharePoint user has a upload border of 100 GB instead of previously 15GB. Father this year, there should be the possibility to switch notifications for individual content. When working in the browser can this be shared by link. Admins get a new dashbboard to see employee synchronization features.

There are also a number of security features such as labels for particularly sensitive documents, a kind of expansion of the "Personal Vault". Admins can allow external access to automatically leak, multi-factor authentication and password to make a duty. In addition, you get a common overview of the Onedrive and SharePoint activities.

For private individuals, there are the possibility to define groups that have access to photos, documents and more. For this, each group member needs a Microsoft account. The group functions are also included in the free variant.

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