Remedy: details are still getting

Federal Tributary Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) has in the presence of vehicle remuneration indicators – in view of the solutions already practiced in Austria or Switzerland – in view. A first discipline from the Ministry of Transport is currently being discussed at the specialist level.

After that, the number plates should only be exchanged from car to car or from motorcycle to motorcycle, but not over the vehicle classes. The respective number of vehicles under a license plate should be limited to three according to the ministry.

The ADAC is dissatisfied with this design. It would be better not to restrict the change marks on vehicle classes, but it would have to be possible to make seasonal vehicles such as motorcycle or motorhome cost-saving under the insurance police of a car.

Even Harscher falls the criticism of the automotive club to Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang SchaBle (CDU), who by no means do without revenue from the car tax wool. "For a vehicle, which may be moved once a week, the full tax should be charged", Adac spokesman Jochen Oesterle and requires a relief.

Two-part number plate

No problem is the practical design of the W license plates. The art change sign consists of a partially mounted on the respective car and a change element that must be reversed accordingly.

For the consumers important question according to the Artificial Insurance Pramiles, Ramsauer wants to leave the insurance coinciders who are competing with each other. The general association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) does not seem as a brother of the development. One "Thumb" As in Austria, where only the vehicle is insured with the most highest risk and run the overnight, it will not give, says Bandandspreiter Christian Lubke. You have to assess the risk of each individual vehicle and the underwriting history of the respective holder.

Only for a minority practicable?

Ungnise is also the way many Germans are actually the targeted exercise opportunities. In Austria, around 8.6 percent of the vehicle portfolio runs with change marks. Since the vehicles currently not used must be parked on a private garden, the number of potential users is clearly limited. In Germany were 1 at the deadline 1. January 2009, according to Motor Human Resources Office, around 41.3 million cars as well as 3.6 million Kraftrader admitted.

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