Munchen, 17. October 2013 – BMW has been producing motorcycle for 90 years and brings out the BMW R Ninet as a jubilee model. The bike cited with the nice word game name built between 1973 and 1976 R 90 s, with its black lacquer and puristic look the R 32, the first motorcycle of the brand from the year 1923.

In private

At the end of May 2013, BMW had inspired the visitors of the Italian Concorso d’Elegaza Villa d’Este with the Concept Ninety study. The R Ninet is the series implementation of this concept, but should not be a retro-bike. First of all, the Ninet (so you can call them according to BMW) is 2.22 meters long and weighs 222 kilograms. The seat for the driver amounts to 78.5 centimeters. The air / Olgekuhrte two-cylinder boxer with 110 hp comes from the R 1200. 119 nm torque are at 6000 / min, the force manages the driver via six-speed gearbox, ABS is series. The sprint from zero to 100 km / h at 3.6 seconds at 3.6 seconds, maximum are more than 200 km / h possible.

The steel lattice frame was specially developed for the Ninet. The front wheel is sitting in a UPSIDE-DOWN telegabel from the S 1000 RR, the rear wheel guide is a Paralever-Sarmchwinge with central leg. Instead of the standard 17-inch wheel with 5.5 inch width mounted BMW also a six inch wide rim. Customizing fans offers BMW from the factory of various possibilities for modification, including a dismantable pilot frame. If a stool is screwed at its location, the Ninet mutates "Cafe Racer". An optional AKRAPOVIC exhaust system made of titanium allows the driver to select the driver with a short or long connecting tube as to whether the silencer is mounted below or mounted high. Cost should the Ninet 14.500 euros, for market launch BMW does not yet provide information.

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