Procedure against piech and porsche probably only in 2015

The youngest complaint in the legal dispute over the superscript of Porsche and Volkswagen is probably at the beginning of 2015 to a first court date. A spokesman of the district court Frankfurt said on Tuesday on request that the for the case with the file number 2-0 3O 377/13 stated chamber was already carried out until the autumn with appointments and therefore a first negotiation in 2014 unrealistically appeared.

A US hedge fund wants to extend its already long known claims for damages of around 1.8 billion euros to the two Porsche supervisory rates and VW Roughakers Ferdinand Piell and Wolfgang Porsche with the procedure in Frankfurt. The court spokesman explained a presence for attendance for the defendants in the civil procedure not eligible. Your lawsal ranged out.

the Braunschweiger Zeitung had reported first on Tuesday that a start-up negotiation in the Piech / Porsche process probably no longer takes place this year. The claim group had already sued the Porsche Holding PSE in January 2012 at just those 1.8 billion euros in damages. The procedure now creates the district court Hannover (18 O 159/13). In his application against Piell and Porsche, according to PSE, the fund does not lead new content-related arguments into the field. It deals with Blobe Process Staktik.

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