Presentation: honda crf 1100 l africa twin

Presentation: honda crf 1100 l africa twin

The successor of CRF 1000 Africa Twin is a bank for Honda: It has developed in the last three years to the best-selling motorcycle model of the brand in Europe. However, the Euro5 standard applicable from 2020 forced Honda to review.

In order not to detract powerfully in the rear meeting to the previous Africa Twin, the engineers increased the displacement and could elicit the two-cylinder so much performance with lower emissions. But not only the engine was handled, also framework, suspension and the electronics were subjected to a fundamental revision. The Africa Twin remained in the design soothingly close to the previous model, which was not least very well sold by its attractive optics.

Kultbike since the 1980s

The foundation of success Honda already laid in the 1980s, when the XRV 650 Africa Twin conquered a huge fan rice from adventurous and became a cult bike mousy. Your reliability was Legendar and the 650s – Father had 750 cubic centimeters – wore the driver in the most remote cores of the world. When Honda rebuilt the Africa Twin 2016 (test), she conquered the hearts of the old and new fans in the storm. Since its presentation, Honda sold 87 worldwide.000 stucco the CRF 1000 L Africa Twin. Now it became time for a new edition by the stricter conditions of the Euro5 standard. The Design CRF 1100 L Africa Twin was closely related to the factory rally machines with aggressive line carrying and high-turbulent front.

More fire, less smoke

The stroke of the rowzweifylindermotor was increased from 75.1 to 81.5 millimeters, so that now 1084 cubic centimeters yield. This is, of course, in the performance: The new Africa Twin makes 102 hp at 7500 / min, seven more than before. The maximum torque rose from 99 to 105 nm at 6250 / min. Honda promises that this plus improves the passage from 2500 tours. The CRF 1100 L received new cylinder heads, camshaft control, throttle valves and a hand-drawn exhaust system with controlled flap for more power at high speeds.

Lighter climbs better

Honda emphasizes that the focus of the new Africa Twin was placed on even more off-road suitability. Since the Endurist estimates nothing more than low weight, Honda facilitated the CRF 1100 L among other things on gears and chassis for a total of five kilograms compared to the process, so that you now bring 226 kilograms to the scales at full 18.8-liter tank target. The rear frame is now made of aluminum instead of steel and is screwed with the main frame bolted instead of welded. In the case of a tail bent bent, no longer has to be replaced with the complete, but only the considerably gorgeous rear frame.

Swinge from the motocross model

Your aluminum swingarm is based on the motocrosser CRF 450 R and has proven your load capacity extensively. That Honda says it seriously with improved landlocks shows the bench, which is still 850 or. 870 millimeters high (the bench is highly adjustable in two stages), but now 40 millimeters narrower. This makes it easier for the driver when it stands on the joint and also reduces the step-by-length, so that smaller riders can do better with the gross travel enduro. The new bench also facilitates the weight shift forward and back.

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