Presentation: honda cbr 1000 rr fireblade sp – sp2

Presentation: honda cbr 1000 rr fireblade sp - sp2

Koln, 18. October 2016 – Only a few motorcycles have surprised the sports world as the Honda Fireblade. When the CBR 900 RR Fireblade was released on the racetrack for the first time in 1992, she stomped the competition mercilessly. Your spiritual father, the Honda engineer and racing-fan Tadao Baba, did not want to build less than the ultimate sports motorcycle. The displacement sample appeared somewhat unusual, because the superbikes in the World Cup were all with 750 cm3 on the way, the very coarse sports motorcycle with 1100. But Baba-San had met his choice carefully. The secret of the fireblade was in the performance. From 893 cm3, the Fireblade brought 126 hp, almost a quarter more than the 750s, but only 206 kilograms with full tank on the scales, in turn a quarter less than the 1100s. Already at that time it was about the driveability of the motorcycle, so the question of how well the performance on the strain bring. The overwalking sales success of the Fireblade confirmed the correctness of the idea.

Total control, theest level

This has not changed after a quarter of a century. For the presentation of the CBR 1000 RR Fireblade SP and SP2 at the Intermot, the project manager Masatoshi Sato explained: "True to our Development Motto, Next Stage Total Control ‘we have given the fireblade to support the driver a comprehensive package of electronic driving aids."

If Honda’s details of the new fireblade vote, then the youngest generation has actually made a jump. The four-cylinder makes 192 hp at 13.000 / min, which sounds in consideration of the competition with 200 hp and more a little more humiliating. But again: It goes Honda for driveability. Even the eleven ps weaker transaction of the Fireblade highlighted with more power in the lower half of the speed band than the other 1000er sports bikes. With 116 nm torque at 11.000 / min is the new CBR 1000 RR well in the food and surpasses the previous class Primus BMW S 1000 RR by three NM. The actually more interesting value is the weight specification: 195 kilograms ready to drive. Should this be found on the scales in true life, the youngest firblade had closed by 15 kilograms and reduced its power weight by 14 percent. This was possible through the use of lighter, but also expensive materials. Thus, the tank consists of titanium, which saves against one export in steel 1.6 kg and also the silencer is made of this material. Several engine parts were made of magnesium. The rear frame was equally facilitated as the casting rims. Very special value put the developers on the centering of the masses to achieve a superbing handling.

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