Presentation ds3 crossback e-tense

Presentation ds3 crossback e-tense

Bastille and Montmartre are revolution symbol and artist district of the French capital. DS Automobiles calls two of the FUF interior worlds of the DS3 Crossback SO: 2019 comes the compact SUV on the market. In the second quarter with conventional engines and in the second year’s global battery electric version DS3 crossback e-tense. The purpose of the French PSA Group: Due to the demarcation of asthetics and drive, customers are intended to opt for this car and not for the competition such as the Audi Q2 or the Hyundai Kona eV. A project that could succeed.

The E-DS3 crossback is significant because it is the first battery electrical vehicle from cooperation with the Chinese Group Dongfeng. The powertrain will find themselves definitely so or in a very similar form in other cars of the brands Citroen, Opel and Peugeot. The frame data is promising and offer exactly what the friends of this technique want.

All charging systems Serial mabig

The battery capacity is 50 kWh. That’s enough power to bring the 4.12 meter DS3 in WLTP 300 kilometers. In the old Nefz it should be 450 km. At least as important for practicality is the charging speed. In 30 minutes, it says DS Automobiles, a battery level of 80 percent is reached. This results in a computational charging power of 80 kW – and the need for finally more DC columns to be built, which also give this. At home or other alternating current points, the DS3 E-Tense charged three-phase with up to 11 kW; The maximum service life is thus around five hours. All charging systems are standard mabig.

In order for these results to be achieved both at low and high outdoor and battery temperatures, the E-DS3 has a complex thermal management. A hot pump ensures the heating energy of the electrochemical memory and the interior. If the battery becomes too warm, on the other hand, a fluid cooling works. The engine power of 100 kW as well as the maximum torque of 260 nm. The performance according to the factory: 8.7 seconds for the standard sprint and a highest speed limited to 150 km / h.

In an auto world, which is constantly going on, it’s about distinction. At the DS3, this is quite the case:. The design language should not find any good. Rather, exactly those interested parties should be picked up, which the competitors from the Volkswagen Group or Asia are simply too boring.

LED matrix headlight

At the same time, the paper shape convinces with everything that could be in modern cars State of the Art, but it is by no means always. LED matrix headlights to safety equipment, a display as a combined instrument and fabled retractable turquets are zeitgeist. Not so quite advanced presentation fits the head-up display, which reflects its information on a small additional disc and not in the windscreen. DS Automobiles emphasizes in the press release the amusement damnation, which "Knowing". Progress in this direction is certainly not only welcome to us always.

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