Presentation: bmw x3

Presentation: bmw x3

BMW had a good start: X5, X3 and later also the X1 appeared part of the direct competition of Audi and Mercedes at the beginning of the 2000s years. For the successes of the first editions BMW can not buy anything today, because a long-term gratitude of the customers is not the result of this. Last doubt just the interest in the X3 trackable. The only gently changed Audi Q5 and the convincing Mercedes GLC sold in this country in this country around twice as well as the X3. But BMW was allowed to have good chances of spending this residue short term. The new X3 brings numerous innovations that are currently only available in 5 and 7s. With that it was not only easier for him to distinguish himself from the X1 stronger. Rather, he gives a concrete view of the upcoming BMW 3er.

Visually, BMW has waived the very rough revolution. The designers were more in detail, but there are sometimes so violently that new and old are to be distinguished without problems. The sideline alone only looks like a facelift. Overall, in this regard, BMW goes a different way than, for example, AUDI at A4 and Q5. Whether the X3 has now become schooner, everyone wants to set themselves alone. If there is someone who is interested in my view: I’m a lot too chunky, the front with a lot of space down letting the x3 high leg. The tail reminds me too much of the X1. All this does not have to buy BMW, because I under no matter in many ways in the classic SUV-bag scheme.


The new X3 opposite to his process in almost all dimensions. Apart from the high (new: 1.67 m, minus 2 mm), the SUV grew in all directions. It is about 5 cm long with 4.71 m, the wheelbase grew from 2.81 m to 2.86 m. Even in the width, the already certainly not narrow x3 places again around a centimeter – if the outdoor mirrors are not considered. Who does this, must realize that the increase is almost 5 inches, which raises the question of whether the previous backpacks did not dimensioned enough enough. For Nostalgiker: The first BMW X5 was petite – a circumstance that gives critics of this vehicle format further food. Among other things, you can say that the parking space can not keep up with steady growth for a long time. SUV are in focus of these critics, although cars like the new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer does not make the problem no less clear.

In the interior with the new X3 an ARA to the end – namely the integrated displays. The previous X3 was the last remaining model in the BMW program, in which no detached screen is still the view. When operating, BMW has the choice between four ways: the usual iDrive controller enter the input via touchscreen, voice and gesture control. Never tried an X3 on so many ways to guess the wishes of his drivers. Exciting will be in the medium term whether BMW continues to maintain all these paths with the same commitment. According to mine, however, very relevant experience, goods calculated the latest way of the first I was left: the gesture control.

Away from this, the new X3 brings along almost all blessings with which the more expensive BMW models can be equipped. Whether partial autonomous driving, a Navi, which tells you when you have to go to reach an appointment in good time or display instead of a normal combined instrument: The possibilities have become gross again for payments than you have already been. The almost 90.000 Euro, which costs an X3 35D so far including all available extras, the new one from several grounds is relaxed. On the one hand, it is not expected that BMW will decrease in its pursuit of return. As long as the clientele meets, there is no reason for the entrepreneurial point of view.

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